Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rainy rainy day, house to myself, and allergies

This is the view out my patio window of this lovely, wet, rainy day. I always feel happier on cloudy, gloomy days, and even more so on rainy ones. Aside from wanting to crawl back into bed for a nap (been sleeping really late and going to bed later too recently), I kind of don't want to waste the day. I have the house to myself. Amanda is at work, her parents went to lunch, and the cats are either settling down for nap time or nibbling at the food dish. The only thing thwarting me are my allergies and my body.

My whole body is achy, my back the worst of it but I am hoping a nice hot shower will help to ease some of that up, if not, I've got a tens unit I can use for a bit before I leave tonight. Oh yeah, I am heading over to Spokane tonight to pick up a friend and go to a Wiccan Spirituality Circle. I think it's going to be interesting. As for my allergies, well, I forgot to take the 24 hour allergy pill I usually take, yesterday, and am paying for it now. I'll go take it when I get up to take the rest of my meds. 

Oh I really cannot tell you how lovely it is to just sit and listen to it rain. No one is talking, there aren't any TVs on in the house. Well, okay, one of my neighbors is outside talking on their phone but it's not loud and it's not inside my house. It is just nice and peaceful.  

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