Friday, September 25, 2015

Halloween gift swap, Fairy, October challenge, catch up

The lovely Holly from over at Gypsy Spirit Rising sent me this lovely glass pumpkin, beautiful autumn cloth flower mix, and that cute pumpkin charm, for the Halloween gift swap Ms. Misantropia hosted this year. It was such a nice surprise in the mail, I only wish I had gotten to blogging about it sooner. It was the first Autumn/Halloween decoration that I was able to put up since Amanda's Mom doesn't want anything out until after her "brother/sister party" this weekend. Ha! I got to have this out because it came in the mail.

A couple of months ago Amanda, her cousin Kat, and I went to a little shop called The Mud Puddle. It is a ceramics shop where you can pick something to paint with either acrylic or glaze and later take home. I chose this cute little fairy and unfortunately the camera on my phone doesn't do all the color justice. For instance her dress is actually teal and her wings are jade. Anyway, we finally finished getting our respective pieces painted and the shop owner fired them. We picked them up yesterday and I am really happy with how mine turned out. I would love to do a series of these but I don't think my wallet would be to happy about it. 

Amanda and her friend Dani came up with a creativity challenge for October. Basically either by yourself or with a group of people, you need to create and finish something everyday during the month of October. I was invited to play along and it's such a neat idea that, I told a couple of friends about and now I am sharing it here.  More details are in the flyer  I made above. Anyway, we aren't really hosting this per se, just doing it to do it. So there aren't any prizes. This is just an exercise in getting the creative juices flowing. 

This week I have been babysitting my neighbor's youngest while her second child is at school, for a few hours. She is in college and it is harder than hell for her to focus with a 2 year old getting into everything, constantly talking, and constantly banging on things. A picture of what's going on is that she will set the kids up to play, watch a movie, or eat lunch and go out on her patio to start homework. Every five minutes without fail one or the other or both boys is at the back door, thus she can't seem to get anything done. So yeah, I've watched the youngest two mornings this week, and then gone home to work on my own homework. 

Amanda's birthday was this Monday. I think it was a nice little party, very low key. I would have liked to have done something bigger or more for her, but we didn't really have the time or money. I'm a little peeved that one of our friends asked what she should get Amanda as a gift. I told her a great idea and said friend decided that it wouldn't get here in time (which is utter bull shit) and decided to get her something else. Once again, if it isn't her idea, then she's not going to do it and that kind of shit gets old very fast. Moving on.

I have been having trouble with my period again. I woke up early this morning fearful of a mess and was relieved to not find one. However, I'm in pain from other issues and have sat at my desk about as long as I can stand for the time being. I also need to go eat breakfast of some sort.  But aside from that, school is going pretty well, the homework hasn't been too difficult this term- it is only the first week. 

One last thing. Miss. Narcisa slipped out of the house last night, probably through Amanda's Mom's bedroom window. We didn't even know until she was sitting outside our bedroom window crying to be let in. There was also another cat who was bitching at her. Anyway, I didn't know this since I was at the neighbors doing homework. Amanda was the one to rescue the little brat and then came over to tell me what has happened. I am getting really tired of her getting outside. It is not safe here. We have drunken stupid neighbors who don't pay attention to people or even other cars in the parking lot. There are other animals (like moose) in the area and construction going on behind our apartment. Besides, she knows she'snot supposed to be outside without her harness and leash. Guess I am going to have scare her again to deter her from wanting to go out. I hate doing that. 


  1. I'm glad you got your gift and of course you have to keep it out!

    I know all about cameras not doing colors justice...

    1. I should have taken it with my DSLR but I haven't touched that camera since last term. My phone camera sucks, but I don't mind too much.

      I am totally going to keep it out and on top of that, my next door neighbor found an adorable Halloween cat from at a thrift store. She gave it to us and it is the second decoration out early!

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for visiting today:-)
    Your fairy turned out gorgeous!!!
    I don't have your email .. Maybe you can send it as I have lots of other things to tell you!
    When you get a chance of course.
    Glad the kitty is safe ..
    Talk soon :-)

  3. Yay, glad you got to keep it out and no need to water l.o.l. Your fairy turned out awesome, and sounds like lots of fun to create. Sorry about the cat getting out,sneeky things they are. Hope the upcoming week is full of health and moments of relaxation.

    1. Hey Holly, thank you once again for the swap gift, I really love it! No, it doesn't need water which is fantastic!
      Narcisa is a little brat but I love her all the same, even when I have to chase her down.
      Hope your week is full of good health and relaxation too!