Thursday, September 3, 2015

Migraine, free time, looking ahead

I wanted to start off on a positive note. Autumn is beginning to announce her appearance in my part of the world. The weather has been cooler- I actually got cold sitting outside last night, even had to wear a sweater. A few leaves, just a few, have already begun changing color. I, for one, am excited! I love Autumn! Of course not long after the change in season comes my favorite holiday, Halloween! Those things alone are more than enough to look forward to and everything else is just a bonus. Well, and my 8 year anniversary with Amanda. 

Moving on. Today I woke up with a migraine and it grew progressively worse throughout the morning. I finally had to take some advil and lay down in front of the fan. After a nap, I felt better but we have another round of company arriving today. I have plans to hide in my room and get some of the things I never seem to get done while school is going on, done. 

Yes, that's right. I have some free time coming my way and I plan to fill it with things I  want and need to do or get done. I plan to relax, to be sure and have fun too. Of course anything seems fun after that nightmare of a photography class I had. Excuse me, correction, the teacher was the nightmare- not so much the class.

The class is over and I am waiting to see what my final grade will be. I learned from another classmate that it's not just her or me that were having trouble from the instructor. Apparently, it appears that anyone not familiar and proficient with Photoshop had issues with her and everyone else was fine. She detailed how she was having a problem with an assignment and had to call the help desk and the help desk ended up contacting our instructor's supervisor. My classmate told me that after that, her grade plummeted. Which is utter bull shit. I included that in course eval of the instructor today along with my grievances and I have a record of everything for myself just in case. 

Anyway, that's over. I am looking forward to the next term. I am looking forward to getting some writing done too. I need to write a witch story for a magazine, edit, polish, and submit it. I have a lot of work still to do for my novels but I am going to focus on just one at the moment. Oh and Amanda, trying to help me out and get my back into writing, not just for school, suggested we do a written role place. I could start it, choose the setting, and so on. So I came up with an Elf, because I haven't really written elves in a long time. He is a magic user and that's all I am going to say for now because if I say any more it might spoil it for Amanda. We are only four posts in. I will leave you with what he looks like. Yes, I am designing his appearance off an art piece. 


  1. I hope you are ok now,with the fires and stupid teachers,and what have you.
    I noticed that you started another blog,is it 3 or 4 you have now? It's hard to keep up! :)

    1. Technically it's 4, but I am only working on 3. One of the blogs is exclusively for writing and that's under my pen name. The other is a pagan blog and this one is for whatever.

      I am okay for the most part today, just a little tired.