Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Things are finally happening!!!

Today, this is me!

This morning I took Amanda to her job interview, which she said she felt really good about. Afterward, we stopped by McDonald's so I could go to the bathroom and so we could get something cheap to eat. Then we went to Cathrine's so I could get two pairs of jeans (on a credit card of course) and then went to Lane Bryant to use her birthday cash to get her a skirt, shirt, and a duster- which we will share. From there I took her to work and came home to start my homework. Not but a few hours later, she called her parents to tell them that she got the job! She'd actually been called half and hour to two hours after the interview and they want her to start on the 9th of October! I am so freaking excited for her! Excited for us both too! We will finally be able to finish paying stuff off and get a place of our own! It will take a couple of months to get things squared away, but FINALLY! Things are looking up and moving along. I feel like the limbo we've been stuck in for the last couple of years is almost over. 

Aside from all of that, I'm feeling a little better in some respects. I don't know if it's just the change in season and the seemingly lightening of my depression and anxiety or what, but I will take it. I actually want to do things that I've had the want to do but lacked the drive and energy. Even yesterday, even though it was a bad day period and pain wise, I wanted to do stuff. I ended up pushing most of my homework off because I was in a lot of pain but the drive was still there. 

I did get some sad news from my parents. I think I mentioned it before, that my Dad's job is kind of iffy again and that my Mom has cataracts. I am hoping that my Dad's job issue can work itself out for the better. For my Mom, I don't know what to do. Kansas opted out of health care and my Dad's work insurance doesn't seem to really cover much as far as eye health goes. My Mom needs new glasses and surgery. The glasses might be doable if they can get enough saved up for them and she will need transition lenses because she's not supposed to go outside without sunglasses of some kind. The surgery is a bigger issue though. I am really worried because my Mom is already going deaf and has been for many years. I don't want her to go blind as well. She is going to try for disability, finally. She probably should have been on it a long time ago. 

At some point, after the stuff from Torrid comes in, I will probably do a post showing some of the cute clothing we've got for this fall and winter. 

Lastly, I finished all of my poetry class homework today and will start my Shakespeare homework tonight. I am loving this term of school, I thought it would be a heavy term, filled with huge assignments and lots of stress, but so far it's been wonderful. I'm managing to get everything done early, which is great! I love having some time to actually read a novel for a change.  

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