Friday, March 25, 2016

Tea cups, flowers, wreathes, and Legolas

As promised I am doing a happier blog featuring some family heirlooms from my Mom's side of the family, some crafts I did, and Legolas. First up is a tiny set of tiny tea cups that my Great Grandpa Early had collected. I didn't even know he had collected them until I opened the box not too long ago. I thought I had just inherited some antique tea cups and saucers. 

There was something painting on this little pitcher at one time, I don't know what though.

There were a couple of little dishes like these that Amanda and I kept for altar offering plates. I decided to only keep a few things, things that weren't broken. After all this box of goodies made a trip from Oregon to Kansas, to Idaho and then Washington. 

This is the first cup and saucer. You can't really tell, but it's a pupleish-blue color.

Number two, it has a nice mint color.

And three. Which is obviously pink.

So, yeah, these were some of the lovely treasures from my Great Grandparents on my Mom's side. And while I had tea cups on my mind, when I was at an IEPG council meeting and the project came up for an Ostara raffle basket, I remembered that I had pinned a DIY flower and tea cup art piece to my craft board. So I put in that I would make it for the raffle basket. It only seemed logical since I wanted to make one for myself anyway. 

Well, I did it and it turned out pretty darn well.

  And since I had my new glue gun out, I decided to make this...

Not sure now I feel about the ribbon, but I can always go back in and fix it later.

Last but not least, my Legolas figurine newly acquired from the Jedi Alliance in Spokane. It's a kick ass church- if you can believe it- filled with figures and memorabilia for fantasy, Scifi, and gaming culture! There are even old arcade machines to play on. I played a couple of pin ball machines and Star Wars. It was fun. They church aspect is more of a community one where people can come to hang out and also talk about what they can do to better the community. 

And there he is. Legolas in all his elven glory.