Friday, March 4, 2016

Just popping in for a moment.

So, I do have some blogs to write and things to catch you all up on but haven't sat down to actually write them yet. So in lieu of that, I am posting a vlog for the YouTube Pagan Challenge that I recorded today. I decided to get into this because I wanted to try vlogging and also because I wanted to get back to working on my pagan blog. Why not do two things at once. 

So yeah... Here it is and there I am. You now get to actually see me and hear me. I disable comments on my video because the world is full of trolls and I don't need the negativity. Anything positive anyone wants to say will be missed too, but I don't mind that. Have fun, I ramble, you have been warned. 


  1. I enjoyed your video and hearing your voice. I always wondered what everyone sounds like, I think it gives a type of connection.

    1. Thanks, I think is does create a connection and now that I have recorded several videos and uploaded them, I am less apprehensive about it. It also made doing a google hangout with a friend this evening easier. By easier, I mean that I look awful, feel just as bad, but I didn't care.