Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Major Rant!

I'm not settling in in the pacific northwest as easily as I had hoped. In fact I think it will take a lot longer than it did last time.  I've been really depressed and every time I get upset, I've been turning to food of some kind to soothe me, which isn't really like me... until now apparently. People I thought liked me completely ignored me at my girlfriend's family xmas party. That was upsetting and the whole thing made me feel extremely out of place. Also my girlfriend's parent's have made me feel rather awkward. I offer to cook and offer suggestions of things i can make and they want to change things on me. They aren't happy with my recipes, its like they don't want me to cook some times but when I do cook they always tell me how good the food is. It's really confusing. 

Then there is all the noise. Mom-in-law is constantly talking over her husband and he's always complaining  about what isn't done and what needs to be done and my girlfriend is being obnoxious or carrying on conversations by herself or with me... I can't carry on a conversation with any one, I can't even finish a sentence. Just having some trouble trying to find a comfortable place. It used to be in the kitchen cooking or cleaning here and there but I'm starting to think that I may just have to confine myself to the bedroom when it's finished.  

On to politics. I'm conservative, a lot more so than a lot of my friends and maybe it's because I was brought up with different values, the location in which I grew up, or any number of things, but being conservative up here seems to be a dirty thing. I hate it. I hate feeling like I am going to have to change my political views to accommodate everyone else. I shouldn't have to and I should have the right to talk about my feelings and beliefs as much as anyone else. Frankly, from I have seen of the oh so glorious liberals is unless you agree with them, you're stupid and have to be reeducated. And they think they have won an argument just because I refuse to argue with them anymore. They aren't right, they haven't won, I simply don't have the energy to deal with them anymore. And I am so sick of everyone butting in and telling me without saying out right that I am wrong because I refuse to vote democrat or agree with democrat ideals. Really, this is getting ridiculous and I'm getting sick of it.

And whatever happened to regular, fun facebook status messages? Nearly all of my friends are posting political crap on their facebook, especially on the Occupy Wall Street bullshit. There is protesting going on all over the world and we're the only country whining about money and entitlements. WTF America, WTF?!

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