Sunday, December 11, 2011

Almost hugging the computer vents...

Today I am so cold! It's 25 degrees F outside and I'm sure not much warmer in my house. My girlfriend's parent's like to keep the place near frigid. I've got a blanket and a coat on and the chill is creeping through and digging it's claws into me. Of course it might have something to do with the fact that I took a shower today and haven't been able to get warmed up from that. And it won't help when we take one of my girlfriend's little cousin's to the lake to walk on the boardwalk and see the Christmas lights in a bit. Since we've had company all weekend I haven't done my homework but I will get to it tomorrow.

Also, I went from a place that had lots of wind to a place that's suffering air stagnation. WTH?!

I've been watching movie trailers today, just to see what's going to be coming out and what has come out that I need to look for in the video stores- it looks like we are going to have to get netflix again. Deciding to be annoying, I spammed my facebook page with trailers of the ones I want to see. I figure if people can spam me with endless liberal propaganda, then I can post movie trailers. I am thinking of spamming them with some classic rock like Bad Company, Kansas, and Blue Oyster Cult. For some reason, I'm just in a classic rock mood. I think that may be because I'm missing my cousin Sheena so much. Everything would be better if she could be here to hang out with.

Yesterday I learned that my Grandma Summers died via text message from my Dad. She was technically my Foster Grandmother. She was my Mom's foster mother to be even clearer. I wasn't very close to her, she said some things that really upset my mom when my little brother died so Mom didn't really let me go over and see her and Grandpa. It's just as well, one of my mom's foster sisters is a total bitch and looks down on all the foster kids Grandma Summer's took in. Personally I think she's just pissed because her name is Petra.

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