Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Chistmas, Happy Yule, and all holidays celebrated this season to all!

Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope everyone's holiday season is warm, thrilling, and filled with fun and laughter!

This year my holiday season is going to be spent in the Pacific Northwest, where I have recently moved to as most know. I've had the blessing of seeing old friends that I had moved away from a little over two years ago and spent time with my girlfriend's family. We will be spending Christmas attending the Christmas Eve Mass at her parent's church. I'm not Catholic but I don't mind attending simply because I enjoy the music and find other religious services interesting. We will also open presents on Christmas and because my family always cooks a really nice dinner for Christmas, I'm going to cook a big dinner for my girlfriend and her parents. That said, I'm cooking roast, green bean casserole, home made mac and cheese, stuffing, and apple pie complete with salad. It;s not as big as I would like and not nearly everything I would like to cook but we are doing it all on a budget.

For New Years Eve we are having some friends and family over. I'll be making snacks for the gathering which are the common holiday staple of chex mix, a ranch oyster cracker snack, cheese balls, a veggie tray, cheddar and bacon stuffed mushrooms, and teriyaki glazed bacon wrapped around water chestnuts and green and red pepper slices. We are going to play games, drink spirits and wine, watch movies, and chit chat.

I can say that I will miss my own family back in Kansas. I've missed them since the day I left and it's been very hard to be away from them. My anxiety and depression haven't been an easy thing to deal with and some days have been worse than others but I'm getting along.

The kitties will probably hate me come Christmas morn. I was told by my girlfriend's mother to pic out some stocking stuffers for them. They don't really eat treats and don't play with all the fancy toys but rather with more simple things like string and paper and plastic bags. So I bought them little pet costumes. *evil snicker* I'm am going to enjoy taking pictures of them as they glare at me.

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