Monday, November 5, 2012

Anniversary and Greenbluff

Copyright Hannah Richardson
This is a very late blog posting for this subject, but what can I say? I got super busy and am just now getting the time to write about it.

This year Skoora and I celebrated 5 years of being together. We started out by going to her cousin's 25th wedding anniversary party then picked up a friend of ours. When we got home we had cake and if I remember correctly we watch a movie and talked before heading to bed early in preparation for the next day.

The next morning we awoke, got ready to go, and headed over to Washington to Greenbluff. Greenbluff is a collection of farms who are open to the public and they sell their produce and wares. It's so much fun! I only wish we had made it over sooner and that my back could have cooperated a little better. However we managed to get some awesome pictures. All photos are Copyrighted to Amanda LaFantasie and Hannah Richardson.

This Dog posed for me!

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  1. Twas a good anniversary and I enjoyed wandering around in pumpkin land. ^_^