Saturday, November 10, 2012

Being Thankful, not just for November.

No, this is not one of my kitties, but I am hoping to feel well enough to set something like this up to do Fall pictures with my furry friends simply because I seem to only get them when they are being lazy. See Exhibit A below. 

But I'm not really writing about kitties today. No, in fact, I am writing about the latest surge of "I'm thankful for" on facebook. Granted I agree that it's good not only on a personal stance but also to tell others what you are thankful for but why only do it in the month of November? Shouldn't we be thankful for things, people, and events all the time? I know I'm not the poster child for voicing who and what I am thankful for but believe it or not there is a good deal I am thankful for. I just don't go around spouting it all the time. I show it in other ways, in my own quiet way. Not that sharing what you are thankful for is wrong or that you shouldn't do it, I just think that only doing it one month out of the year somehow lessens the value of it. If you don't agree, that's completely fine.

Exhibit A- Yoda-Chan sleeping
One thing I am not thankful for is the fact that my Mom-in-law and Dad-in-law just came home dispelling the peace and quiet I had. I got the whole run down of the day, what they bought, and now she's chattering at someone on the phone right next to me and I'm not able to really move to the other room. *sigh* On the upside, I'm happy I was able to take a shower on my own today. I know that seems so trivial but damn it, when you can barely walk from terrible back pain, being able to do things for yourself is such a blessing! 


  1. I try to tell you each day what I am thankful for, but I'm glad that people feel the need to be thankful in November because there are people out there who take things for granted until a Holiday or something like that reminds me and for that I am happy that they at least do it during this month but yes, we should be thankful for what we have during our whole lives ^^

  2. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. I think what seems to lessen the value, in my opinion, is that there's just so much cut and paste variety of "I'm thankful for..." And Yada..blarbity and more yada.

    It's like logging onto facebook and feeling like I've somehow walked into a hallmark store. I'd just rather see people take the time to write something personal instead of copy/pasting and sharing. Not that those things are bad, it just gets a bit too much to take in the doses it comes in. Yark.

    This past year has soured me on facebook. Too much election crap, anti-gay chicken patties and my GOD! if I see another Willy Wonka meme I think I'll fall out of my tree!

    Oh..and my disclaimer: I'm just as guilty as the next person for doing all those dumb things. Facebook is making me lazy. It's making a lot of people lazy. Buncha...slack-jawed lumpies. :-P