Monday, November 5, 2012

Learning about auras.

A few years back I thought I saw something around a friend's head. It was an Orange-ish in color and faint but it was there. When I asked said friend about it he and his wife were pretty sure I was seeing his aura. I've never seen it again on him or anyone else. But I have been curious about aura's ever since. So I recently picked up a book from my local library called Life Colors: What the Colors In Your Aura Reveal, by Pamala Oslie. So far I've only taken the quiz in the front of the book to figure out my life color(s) and the occupation color, and I've read the information on those colors.

For sure I am a Sensitive Tan/Blue with a Red Overlay. The Red Overlay is not the same as a Red Aura color and I need to work on shedding it. Apparently it's not good for me and can have bad effects later in life.

I am a little confused about the occupation color. I will go over the information on occupation colors again and see if what I think is correct. Indigo was the color by the by. Indigo was the color and no I didn't pick it by color. The colors are listed under a number and you pick which number fits you best. The reason I am a little confused is because Indigo's are kind of a new color that's emerging and they are kind of special, I mean all the colors are and everyone is in their own unique way, but I got the feeling that Indigo's were meant for something much higher. I have no delusions of grandeur  I don't remember my past lives nor half of the other stuff Indigo's are supposed to 'know'.

A theory or a few?  Maybe I was jaded too young or something happened and don't remember what I am supposed to know. Maybe it was too much for me at a tender age and I shut it out? Maybe I picked the wrong number but maybe not, everything under that number was something I do or would enjoy so much.

As for the rest of it, I haven't yet read about the other aura colors and I don't yet know how to train myself to see them. Do I want too? Absolutely, I think it would be really neat and helpful to me on a personal level, as perhaps a personal warning of what to expect out of people I meet. I often get overwhelmed by certain people, those with high energy. High energy people, there are several that I adore and care very much about, often times exhaust me. They don't mean too, it's not their fault, it just happens.

I will probably look for more books on the subject and see what I can learn about teaching myself to read auras and learn more about them.   


  1. I think it would be really cool to be able to see auras. Definitely read more into the book and see what it says for teaching you to see such things.

  2. You should google Indigo Children and Starseeds. There's lots of different theories about it but it makes for some interesting [and sometimes entertaining] reading.