Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back in the Inland Northwest pt. 1

After almost three weeks of near peace and quiet, I am back home where I live. Leaving Kansas was a hard thing and I would be lying if I said that I didn't wish that I could have stayed. All the pretty scenery, my own bed, and familiar material things of my current home, and even the people here can't compare to the absence of my first home in Kansas with my parents. It probably didn't help that I wasn't able to see a friend I haven't seen in years, that I was barely able to visit with my Grandparents, or that my Dad couldn't come into the airport when it was time for me to leave because he refused to cry in public. Another unhelpful aspect was that my cousins weren't doing well nor did the fact that both my parents were sick with the flu.

The good things:
One of my cousin's had surgery to get her tubes tied and also to see if she had ovarian cancer and get a cyst removed. Thankfully she doesn't have cancer nor is there any sign of it. The doctor thinks the cyst ruptured and dissolved, and her tubes have been tied. We thought she was going to be okay but it looks like she will have to get some intestines removed. Frankly, that's better than her having cancer.

I spent some time with my Grandparents, not as much as I would have liked and I am worried about my Grandma's bad feeling over going to Texas this year. I am also worried about Grandpa. He's slipped so much since being in the nursing home while Grandma's leg was broken. But he did remember me and even though he didn't talk much, he did say so himself, that me just being in the house for a few hours was very comforting. He signed his book "To my Hannah," for me and I read a little of it in the air port while waiting for my plane.

I got to see a friend from High school and talk with him for a bit. I saw Jeffery and Sandra for an evening and I was able to see Lucas and Emma three times. I spent a good deal of time with my cousins watching movies and talking.

With my parents, I played Guild Wars with my Dad, went to the Hobbit where Dad and I shamelessly made fun of my Mom in good fun. Mom slept a little through the movie and when she snored it was really funny. At home, when I wasn't feeling so well, my parents and I watched movies and random TV shows and talked about all manner of things. Apparently my Dad wants to get two tattoos and quizzed me on prices and how long things took. Well, I don't know a lot about tattoos except my limited experience and what I have heard from others. So we watched LA Ink, which Dad says he will never watch again. Also, Dad will be getting some more hours at work, which is awesome!

Kali, my parent's dog, is a little punk. She was very excited to see me when I first arrived that she did circles all over the place but do you think that damned dog would let me take a proper picture of her. Not a chance in hell. I had to sneak pictures.

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