Thursday, January 31, 2013

The night is dark and full of cats!

Forget "the night is dark and full of terrors" as the Red Priestess from Game of Thrones always says, the night is dark and full of cats. Three of them to be exact and all three demand that I feed them and then get my ass to bed so they can either lay on me, my pillow, and or around my feet.

I really should be in bed but unfortunately I am staying up long enough to see if money came and if so then I need to go to the store. Groceries are a necessity and I really don't want to fight the 1st of the month shoppers tomorrow. I don't do well with people en-mass, they are loud, pushy, and down right rude. I can sleep when I get back and then even sleep in since I won't have to spend an hour or two tomorrow shopping.

I've been spending almost every afternoon at the city library. It is marginally quieter there, well until the kids get out of school and then things are a little iffy. I didn't know this until a day ago, but there are actually employees whose only job is to walk through the library and monitor what goes on. Kind of like library bouncers if you like. It's actually really awesome, so when a group, and it's always a group, of kids gets rowdy and loud, one of the monitors comes along and shuts them up for a bit. But I think from now on, when Skoora and I go, I am going to make sure that we rent a private study room by the time the kids get to the library. It will just make things easier, I think.

Speaking of the library, I applied for a circulation clerk position. It's only 10 hrs a week but it is a start and I wouldn't be lifting too much. Also, it's a library job and that's one of my dream jobs.

Well, two minutes until I know if I am going shopping. See ya later.


  1. Yoda and Galen look supremely bored, lol.

  2. I would say bored and lazy.
    Tonight while I was playing Guild Wars with my Dad, Yoda was so desperate for attention that he curled up half on the arm of the sofa and half on my shoulder. It was annoyingly cute.