Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's just that kind of day

First let me post a nice video from Youtube Misty Mountians (Hobbit OST)

I actually own this soundtrack, I've kind of mentioned it a time or two on Facebook and to my Dad, and have been listening to it off and on. It's a little hard to really listen to it but a little at a time because my laptop is wonky and on the down slope. Any time I open a new program or something is loading on a webpage, the speakers crackle. It's very weird and pretty much held together by gorilla tape, hope, and regular maintenance to software and basic cleaning. Come to think of it, I need to back up said sound track and recent writings from the last few days.

Anyway, it's the kind of day where I feel sluggish to the point that I am having trouble keeping my eyes open. but new medicine will sometimes do that to a person. So, I think I will toddle off bed for a little bit, get some reading done, as much as I can do, and get up in time to make dinner, then tackle some writing and update blogs I am behind on.

Galen Gladamir
Oh and weirdly enough, the cats have been bickering, all day, all three of them. I've had to corporal cuddle Galen. Corporal Cuddling is just holding him and petting him. He doesn't like to be held or petted very much by anyone, for those who do not know him in person and he's quite the little punkass. So when he's being mean to the other kitties, we give him love. 


  1. You love that cat, you love him hard! The little bastard! >< lol. Also I am with you there: I need to do a little writing and maybe update my blogs a bit. I need to do some reading too.

  2. Hope you adjust to your new medicine soonly! Like the new Blogger background too. :)

    1. I do love him.

      @ZMeister, I hope I do too. thank you, I like it a lot! :)