Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bad nightmare, bad!

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Yesterday, after the library trip, I just decided to go home. I really wasn't feeling very good. As soon as I got home, I went straight to bed, and gave Yoda-Chan some cuddles and went to sleep. However, it was not a nice nap. No, it was awful! I got into a horrible fight with my Dad over playing Guild Wars, something neither of us would ever fight about much less with each other. But in the dream, he had me in hysterics. Then I had to go pick Skoora up and the brakes weren't working on my Dad's truck very well, so I ended up rear-ending someone. After that the traffic was so horrible that I had to drive on the sidewalk. Can you imagine a Ford F-150 driving on the sidewalk? It doesn't work very well.

When I awoke from all of this, I was really unsettled but thankfully got over it quickly. Of course by that time I realized that I had slept about 3 hours and should have been up at 4 pm at the latest to make supper. I just didn't have time before I had to go pick Skoora up from work. So I threw something in the oven, some lean cuisine crap Skoora's Mom bought and skedaddled.

Skoora wanted to go to Target and Layne Bryant. We went, we saw, she bought an outfit. But by the time we were done, my stomach was so awful and so was my back and the rest of me, that I just had to get home to rest. I didn't do much of anything last night.

Today, I'm not feeling much better but at least I'm going to the doctor. That reminds me, yesterday I wrote that I was going to see the headshrinker only I'd confused that appointment with doctor's appointment. I am going to see a friend today no matter how much my stomach hurts simply because I promised to take some photos of her and I really like spending time with her.  

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