Friday, July 5, 2013

Fruit, Blood, and Burritos

For those in the States, I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July. Mine was really interesting but I will get to that a little later.

Today I awoke later than I wanted to and had plans to do some cooking and food prep. However, I was talked out of cooking so I decided to change the sheets on my bed and took a trip to the Library. I made a quick stop by Starbucks on the way.

I didn't stay at the Library too long but while I was there I managed to work out a character bio for a new story.

When I arrived home, I ended up having dinner. I don't think I like having lunch/dinner at 3:30 in the afternoon never mind that that's how people used to do things. The Victorian's had Tea or High Tea and depending on which one determined what sort of dinner they would have later in the evening. Unfortunately my evening without cooking didn't last long. Skoora's mom was watching the cooking channel again and I got a little restless. So I made breakfast burritos, a fruit salad, and prepped the fruit I need for smoothies. I think am going to sneak a breakfast burrito since I'm actually pretty hungry. I've also managed to get laundry going. All in all it's been a marginally productive day and in turn my back is killing me.

Now, on to yesterday. I went to the plasma donation place to donate and it ended in a bit of a scare. The process started all right but then the machine started beeping. So the tech who hooked me up came back to check. After some re-positioning of the needle, blood pooling out around the needle, and some painful poking, he decided that he'd try the other arm. However, the other arm had a bruise and they didn't want to risk it. So the tech bandaged me up, taped an ice pack to my arm and a nurse took me to the waiting room to sit with some water. I wasn't allowed to leave for 30 minutes. After which, thanks a very small loan from my parents, I got some gas and something to eat. I'll pay them back as soon as Skoora gets back from Boston.

I was pretty shaken up from the experience. I came home, took an aspirin, and looked up what RBC loss meant in relation to plasma donation. Apparently it's red blood cell loss and I saw an article that said I shouldn't donate again for at least 8 weeks. Guhhhh!

Still kind of shaken and a little worried since my arm hurt, I decided to take a nap. After that, I went swimming at an Aunt's, had some food at the family barbecue, and played a round of polish horseshoes. I was still feeling a bit tired so I came home and rested for the rest of the evening. Of course I kept the kitties calm while all of the neighbors shot ff their fireworks.    

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