Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So clean and calm

This is what my local library looks like. I love this place. I love that if I want to borrow a book and my library doesn't have it but another in their network does, they will get it for me. I've read some really interesting books and while I am sad that they don't have many of Katie MacAlister's (one of my favorite authors) books on the shelves, they do have a ton of non-fiction that I have checked out. A few of the topics are but not limited to, digital photography, drawing, and embroidery, mythology, language, and travel, history, and Neo-pagan/Wicca, as well as some health books on Fibromyalgia and crafts from candle making to jewelry. And for fiction: young adult novels and some paranormal romance. Today I have Llewellyn's Complete Book of Astrology and The Encyclopedia of Superstitions. I thought they would both be really fun.

Most of the time it's relatively peaceful, if you come early enough in the day. If you come when school's letting out, a lot of Middle and High school kids come to play games and socialize. I've snapped at a couple myself for running through the shelves because they were bothering me. The library staff is usually good about getting the kids before they become too disruptive and if the kids won't listen to the staff, they are sent outside. Of course there have been times when adults have been disruptive and in that case I rented a private study room where Skoora and I could work without being bothered.  Well, looks like a librarian is escorting a group of kids out right this moment, kids with Kendamas. She is not happy and they are not listening to her about keeping the toys in their pockets until they are outside.

On a side note, Kendamas are pretty popular up here, which I think is very cool. Also, the juggling sticks seem to be popular with adults, of course there is an amazing toy store in Coeur d'Alene called Figpickel's Toy Emporium that sells vintage to modern toys and books. It's kind of like walking into Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium minus the magical living toy store and three of my favorite actors. I love Figpickel's as well by the by!

But most of all I just like being at the library. There is a sense of calm 99% of the time and I feel somewhat peaceful. Sometimes, just walking through the shelves can change my mood from bad to better, and I always like seeing the quilts hanging in one of the meeting rooms. They also have a display to left of when you walk into the foyer of local and student art. It's nice to sit and look at it before I leave and the landscaping is really beautiful. There is a patio with benches on the east side with lots of flowers surrounding it. Cherry blossom trees are planted around and there is a small patch of grass where someone can sit outside and read in the front if they wanted to. Better yet, the library isn't far from Falls Park, which is a nice place all on it's one with lots of geese and ducks, turtles, and dragonflies.

Sometimes I just wish I could curl up in the library and stay. My back kind of gets in the way of that. I can only stand to sit in their chairs for so long and when the Fibromyalgia flares up, like it is today, it makes the whole stay much much shorter. I am going to have to leave shortly, I just wanted to try and force myself to stay a little longer and enjoy it.


  1. your library looks lovely, I love mine too, reminds me of my childhood! xxx

    1. Thank you! I'm glad that you love yours too! This library is very different from the one of my childhood. I grew up in a a big city, not as big as New York or Chicago, but fairly big. The main library is where my Dad took me a lot and it is 4 levels of books, music, art, ect... I kind of miss it, at least for just walking around and being engulfed in shelves upon shelves of fiction an non fiction. XXX!