Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Kindle, Vampire Academy 'the movie', and I have been so sick

Dimirti and Rose

The last couple of days have been so weird and hectic! We've run so many errands, had to go back and forth between Post Falls, Coeur d'Alene, and Hayden, and back, and if you can believe it, we still have more errands to run! And despite our best efforts to make the best of everything, we've really just had a couple of shitty days.  But there is some good news, yay!

Firstly, I ran out and got Vampire Academy (the movie) the day it hit stores. I've read all of the books, loved them, and couldn't wait to see the movie. Besides, there was a tons of hype and given that the story line is really good, that the main character actually grows and learns from her mistakes, and you know, does something other than mope around, I thought this movie would really be something special. There just aren't a lot of truly good, quality Vampire movies and I really think there should be. Anyway, on to the point. This movie was one of the biggest disappointments. If not for some of the actors, I almost think I would have returned the movie. The movie was the first book on speed (the pacing was way too fast), they told/explained way too much, you never really got to see characters develop, and it felt way too scripted. You couldn't even get a chance to connect with the characters. I spent most of the movie screaming "What the fuck"?! The only thing they got right, was Dimitri (thankfully because he's my favorite character), and Rose's attitude.  They really blew the pooch on this and I will be surprised if they get a second film. Which is terribly unfortunate because this story is a million times better than Twilight and the Twilight films were actually done well.  How the hell could Hollywood slight Rachelle Mead and us, her fans like this? What fucktards!

(The next part is something that is something that most people will probably find gross, but I'm not going to skirt around this issue. I think more people should know about this and need to understand what women like me, who have this problem, have to go through. But if you find that you don't care or don't want to read it, skip on down.)

Secondly, I know I have mentioned that I have PCOS (Polyscystic Ovarian Syndrome) and I might have mentioned that with that sometimes comes menorrhagia- menorrhagia is heavy menstrual bleeding. I am sort of on a marginally regular cycle but this time the cramps are so terrible that I've been nauseated and the bleeding is so heavy, I've basically been hemorrhaging and it's been going on for the last four days. The last time I went to the ER for this, nothing was done. So I am reluctant to ever go back. So I called my doctor because she is the only one who has actually tried to help me with this. She gave me a kind of strong or high powered birth control in which I have to take three of "you are not to bleed during this time' pills a day for seven days and then stop. We've tried this before and it's shut me off and kind of restarts the whole system. The draw back is that I am pretty much knocked on my ass for seven days. I delayed taking them today so I could get some homework done, but honestly, I don't know if it was worth it. I had to have Skoora read over all of my discussion forum posts for class just to make sure that they actually made sense. But the worst part of all of it, is that I've been so weak today I haven't been able to do much, I just want to sleep, and this is the first time all day that I've really had any mental clarity. Trying to read my text books earlier was awful, it was like the words bounced off my brain and refused to be comprehended. Most of the time, I've been stuck in the bathroom or laying in bed with the heating pad and Yoda-chan to cuddle. And I still have homework to do, peer critiques to write and I want to give the people in my critique group the best reviews possible. 

I am not the only one in the house who has been sick. Galen, my demon kitty, has been having some tummy issues. At first we couldn't figure out why and then, a few minutes ago while Skoora was on the phone, I realized that we had to change the cat's food until we could afford the good stuff. Duh! No wonder we've had hairballs and the other ick, it was like we had them on grill chicken and then suddenly they had deep fried chicken, all the grease would make anyone ill. That's okay, we're getting the proper food tomorrow.

Well, on to the good news. I finally broke down and bought a Kindle. Okay, it's a refurbished Kindle Fire, but it's pretty. It came in the mail today and I've sort of been playing with it. Mostly I've tried to stay awake long enough to look through some of the apps. I did, however, manage to get facebook, goodreads, my e-mail, the weather, and a couple of games on it. But I don't want all of that stuff running all the time, so I've got a few tutorials open on how to sign out of stuff or shut certain apps off so they aren't running in the background all the time, because mainly I got the thing for reading. By the way, not having a smart phone or a tablet before, I had no idea how many apps there are. I found an app for grammar, some for learning different languages (Skoora likes and knows a little bit of German and my friend Emma speaks Swedish, both languages are of interest to me), found one for astronomy-or rather finding constellations in my location's night's sky, oh and a couple of words games. It's going to be fun to play with this stuff. But that will have to wait. I am just too tried, need to take some medicine, and lay down.  


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