Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sick Kitties, homework, and getting crafty again.

All three of the cats are sick. We suspect the recent changes in food. Skoora's Mom decided to get the cheap stuff since we couldn't afford the food Yoda is supposed to be eating. So they had Fancy Feast and when that ran out, they had to ear Iams. That's where the trouble started in that the boys began to have diarrhea and vomiting. We were finally able to get the good food, the low carb food for Yoda (the diabetic kitty) but now it seems that Ellie is sick too. I am really beginning to worry about them. Aside from be awoken from an already restless sleep the last couple of nights (back and body pain make it difficult for me to sleep a lot of the time) due to being hot, I really don't enjoy the stench from the litter box. But can we move it from the hall way? No, that's where Skoora's mother likes it to be and of course we are forced to deal with the smell if we want any air conditioning. Also, I couldn't shut a door to save my life. Galen and now Yoda both cry if the door to the bathroom and bedroom are closed. We are going to give the cats a few more days on the good food and if they don't get any better, then I am going to have to call the vet.

Homework. What can I say about it, I have nearly half of it finished for this week. I am a bit peeved because we've started the unit in my humanities called on Postmodernism. Yuck! I will sum this chapter up with a wise saying from my Great Grandma Ireland "An ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure". I find most modern and postmodern art to be nonsensical, packed full of pretension, and completely annoying and worthless. Sorry, that's just how I feel. Now I am not talking about everything. Especially since there seems to be a debate about whether or not recent art can be umbrella-ed under postmodernism. I honestly don't think it can. Nor would I insult some of my favorite artists of this time with such a label. 

On the Fiction writing workshop side of things, I have to read my text book and rewrite my story again. Shouldn't take too long to do either, a day for the story and half a day to read the text-assuming I don't lose my patience with it (I will get to that in a minute). 

I've haven't been working on too man crafts lately, mostly because I've been trying to crochet two separate afghans. I get a little burnt out after a day or two of that but I am feeling another crochet day coming on. I have also been working on a making a small scrapbook for my Grandparent's 61st or 62nd (I have to ask my Dad or my Grandma) wedding anniversary. I've got the background paper glued down and I think the cover is finished. I also did a page for my Grandma when she was younger and I've mostly mapped out the rest of the pages. I still need to print some things out and see if I can't find a few more pictures for the book. And I need to have it done pretty soon so I can send it to them. I won't have it done by their anniversary but I want it to at least come that week! I can't post picture of the book just yet because I need to ask Grandma's permission first. She said something once about not wanting her picture on the internet. But if it is an old one... We will see. 

Now, for the awful mood swings. It's that damned birth control the doctor gave me to stop that horrendous period! I've got three more days of this medicine and it's no picnic. I'm more nauseated than usual, the mood swings border on ridiculous- I cry over to stupidest of things-, and I have no patience whatsoever for just about anything. When I was bleeding, I could barely get through homework because I could't focus and stay awake. Now, I can't focus and and get pissed and impatient because there's more to read than I want to read, or I have to answer stupid questions over something I could care less about... Normally, I this kind of stuff wouldn't bother me so much. But I'm at the point where I have to read things out loud to make them stick and if I come across a word that looks funny, as they often do (I have a kind of sister form of dyslexia where I switch letters and number around, sometimes whole words- like 456 might look like 465 me), I just get down right pissed because I have trouble pronouncing it. Well duh, if the letters aren't in the right order then it's going to sound funny, haha. No, it's not really funny because then I have to repeat everything and that takes more time and I want to cry all over again because I can't read aloud effectively, at least not like I usually can. Really, it's very frustrating. So, I'm not really having a good time of it at the moment. But, I am trying to get at least most of my homework finished tonight so I can go watch Game of Thrones with a friend tomorrow.  


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that all the kitties are sick :( Changing foods can definitely do that, so I hope changing back will clear it all up.

    ...and I'm sorry about your in-law-troubles...

    1. Changing back has helped a lot. They are all much better! In-law are in-laws, they aren't going to change and neither am I.