Friday, May 9, 2014

Receipt with scribbles

Charm of Magic by Anndr
Just because, I am going to try a little something different and center everything.
I'm in the library again and I keep looking up to stare at the books in the young adult section. I want to go look at them but I a restraining myself. I have so many books to read at home (they vary across subjects) and I just got into two series' from Jeaniene Frost. I also have two text books to read now. Thankfully, I've managed to read the assigned reading for this week in both of my classes and now have the rest of week to work on the revision of my short story.

Speaking of that, the two guys in my group are amazing! Both are enthusiastic and helpful and both of their short stories are really fucking cool! I am so glad that I not only get to read them but help workshop their stories with them, the bounce ideas back and forth. It feels good. I haven't heard anything from the two other girls in the class. I read their stories and sent them my critiques but neither of them have said anything to the guys or me. So either they are waiting to the last minute, are very busy, or are getting ready to drop the class. All of which are fine, but at the same time, I am supposed to turn in peer reviews this week and I don't really have anything to review. I certainly don't want to give them a bad review. I want to be fair. 

With all of the reading both for pleasure and for school, I've been scribbling words I either want to remember or look up on the back of a library check out receipt. Most of the words I already know the meanings of, but I had forgotten about them. But even better there are little phrases that I found appealing or felt like I needed reminders of how people touch or their mannerisms, all things that could bring characters to life and give them depth. Or even little things about settings.  I tried to take a picture of the receipt but it came out fuzzy so I won't be posting it.  You didn't want to see my hastily written scribbles anyway. 

Apart from school work, I have manged to edit the pictures from Beltane, but of course I left my camera at home with the memory card in it so I can't post them at the moment. I wanted to make a separate blog about Beltane anyway. We had such a great time at Beltane that we are going to the Summer Solstice: Frolicking with the Fairies cap out in June. It's at a park not far from us over in Washington State. I will post more on that later as well. 

For now, at the moment, I think I might pack up and go home. I am feeling a bit sick, feverish and achy all over and it is not the usual fibromyaliga pain. My throat is a bit sore as well and there that awful pressure in my head. Despite Skoora's Mom's warring that she would kill me if I bought any more tea (I am sort of a half restrained compulsive tea buyer), I bought three boxes and Mint Magic sounds really good about now. Oh, and I also have some new music to listen to, some from Lisa Thiel and some from Ominia. Wow, I just remembered Mother's day is this week! I need to make something for my Mom and something for my Grandma! Skoora's Mom I have covered, I'm making her my chicken enchiladas. 

Oh one last thing before I go. We've had a couple of deaths in our family this week. My Mother's foster father passed. He was 95 and had Alzheimer's. His wife passed some time last year and for once I'm actually not sad about someone passing. He had a long life with love, did so many wonderful things for people and while I didn't know him very well (he and his wife kind of hurt my Mom, she forgave them sort of), I feel as though he must have been tired and ready to go. Where ever he is, he is with his wife and in a place of love and comfort. 

On the same day I got the call about my Foster Grandfather, Skoora's Mom got a call from her sister Lola saying that their sister Marty had lost her son very unexpectedly. Aunt Marty has a bad heart and has been diagnosed with sudden death syndrome, meaning she could go anytime. Aside from that she just lost her son and is hurting so bad, as expected. I feel for her and I am really worried that we're going to lose her too and at the same time I wonder if that wouldn't be for the best, if only so she won't be in pain anymore. I don't know, things happen as they happen and there's not much you can do but make food and lend sympathetic time, understanding, and comfort. 

Egh, I didn't want to leave off with such depressing news. So how about this, yesterday, while doing my homework, I had Yoda and Ellie on the bed with me. Both kitties were taking their daily afternoon nap and Ellie started snoring. She is a Persian and has a flat face and with that she also seems to have some allergy issues. Well, let's just say, I never thought anything so small could snore louder than Skoora, my sleepy foghorn!   


  1. I'm sorry about you and your loved ones' losses. I wish you lots of strength.