Saturday, May 17, 2014

Packed week, the treacherous garage, light heat stroke and sun burns, and the damned cat won't stop talking! Oh and a craft/bake/garage sale?!

So, it's Saturday. Half of me can't believe it while the other half thinks it took long enough to get here. How that manages to work, I will never know. But, I suppose I should start off with the beginning of this rather hectic week.

Sunday I went to my friend's house with plans to be there until Tuesday afternoon. My visit was great until Tuesday when I awoke with a splitting migraine. Knowing that I was either going to have to go to the ER for a migraine shot (which I can't afford) or camp out in front of her toilet, I opted to clear out and head home, because at least the hospital is closer to home if I needed it. My friend lives about 45 mins from a decent hospital, the one in the valley in which she lives has a reputation for being terrible. When I came home, I took a hot shower in the hopes that the water would help soothe the tension, then I ended up in bed, in the dark, with a cold rag on my face, and the fan blowing on me. Took some Advil too and ended up falling asleep. That helped so much and I was feeling well enough to work on homework for the rest of the evening and into the middle of the night.

Wednesday we picked up a another friend and went to the U.U. Church to spend some time with the pagan group and participate in the full moon ritual. It was wonderful and I had a lot of fun. Also met someone who reminds me so much of a friend from high school that it's almost scary, in a good way. Maybe. After that we came home and watched Game of Thrones. I also did a lot of homework that night too.

Thursday we took our friend home and came home and went through the garage. Did I mention that Skoora's parents are terrible about keeping stuff separated? Well, if I didn't, they are. We had a hell of a time trying to even get to half of our stuff and ended up dragging half the garage out to even begin to make sense of anything. I managed to hurt my back a couple of times and by the middle of the afternoon, the wasps were finding me far too interesting. I don't know if I am allergic to them yet or not, but since I don't have a new epi pen, I wasn't about to take that chance. I also got sunburned in the few minutes I was actually out in the direct sunlight. Not cool! We went through a few things inside the house after that and then I tackled the rest of my homework and turned it in. Went to bed early because we had to get up early the next morning.

Which brings me to yesterday, Friday. We took things over to an Aunt's house for a big park wide garage sale. More sun burn for me, despite how much I tried to stay out of it. There was a lot of back and forth of errand running. Skoora and I managed to find a really nice desk from another sale in the park for ten dollars. We snatched it up quick and the best part, we can both work at it and still have some room to spread out stuff out a little, not much, but a little. I also managed to get mild heat stroke, which happens far more often than I would like.

Today, I skipped going to the garage sale at the park. I was just too tried and I'm still not feeling so great. Skoora did come home to pick me up for a small lunch date at Denny's where I learned that she, her mother, and her aunt have conspired to have another garage sale, this time with baked goods and any crafts I want to sell. I don't have any at the moment. Skoora suggested I make double sided tote bags like the one I made her. Sewing the tote bags are the easy and fast part. The embroidery, not so much. But I could do some without... maybe. Not sure what else I would do at the moment but I will be thinking about it.

I got online to check my messages from school and my grades. I'm doing okay, but it seems like I can't seem to make my damned writing teacher happy and on almost everything I turn in or any posts in the discussion boards I do, he tells me to look at the rubric. Really? He gave me a 15/15 on an assignment and still told me to look at the rubric! Now, as far as the story goes, I don't mind his criticism, I'm just really disappointed. I really worked my ass off on that story, picked at every single sentence and he's still bitching about how it begins like a 'long leisurely novel'. This is me tapping my foot in annoyance. No shit! I want to be a novelist, I am writing novels, novels are kind of my thing. I am not a short story writer and I have never wanted to be. Rawr! Well, now I am going to have to destroy what would have been a decent story. I just get the feeling that I'm going to ruin it.

I don't know what's going on with Yoda-chan. He has been so incredibly needy and he will not shut up! I love my cat, don't mistake me, but holy shit! He started to lick my eyelids in the morning to wake me up a couple of months ago and it's kind of cute... except that he bit my eyelid yesterday! He acts like that's okay, like this is the new status quo, but I beg to differ and since I am the Mommy person, I win... most of the time.

The good news is that I have been keeping track of how many books I've been reading this year since Good Reads is broken and can't do it right. So far, I've got 14 read and am almost done with the 15th. Yay! maybe I will get 30 read this year instead of my usual almost 20. I usually shoot for 20 a year.



  1. Your cat's behavior makes me think a couple of things:
    1. Something is up with him, possibly dehydration, heat stroke or constipation (common kitty problems in summer time). My solution to all things male kitty is to force some water or electrolytes down his throat. Males rarely drink enough.
    2. You are experiencing sleep apnea early in the mornings, and he's making sure you're not dead.
    3. He's just bored and has gotten a destructive habit. My girl cat cleans her belly until there's no fur left sometimes. Get him a new scratch/climbing board or maybe even a new kitty buddy :)

    1. Hey,
      I could see where Galen might not be getting enough water and I rather think that if I am hot ad not feeling good then he isn't either. Yoda is diabetic and drinks all the time but I wonder if he's actually drinking too much and flushing his system...
      I think I am sleeping okay. Yoda does like to give me baths from time to time, but licking my face, he's discovered, wakes me up and if Mommy is awake, then Mommy will get up and get him breakfast. When I don't get up, that's when the licking gets a little rougher and then he starts nipping. He bit my ear yesterday.
      I wish I could get something or another cat for Yoda to play with but all he wants to do is sit on or with me and sleep. He doesn't even play any more, which I understand. He's an old kitty and diabetic.

    2. "Cats don't have masters. They have slaves." :)