Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cleaning, homework woes, shocking and sad news, Rocket Raccoon!

With some of the money my Grandparents sent me for Christmas, I bought Guardians of the Galaxy on Bluray. Now without ever seeing this movie before or reading any comics, I knew I was going to like Rocket Raccoon. It's a talking, gun toting, space raccoon, what's not to like?! After seeing the movie, I. LOVE. HIM! I pretty much want to hug him! Of course, I adore Groot! He's wonderful! But Rocket it my favorite. 

After taking my statistics test and getting a not so stellar score, I decided to call it a day on homework last night. I did check to see if I could do the next math assignment so at least that could get done on time. I can. But I learned something interesting. Apparently I am not the only person struggling with probability. It seems most of my class is and because of that our instructor has granted everyone another chance to retake the test to improve our scores and an extension. She also posted a power point that reviews the test. Personally, I think that's great! So, after I make a beef and veggie stew for dinner, I will go take care of that and then move on to this week's assignment. But somewhere either today or tomorrow, I have got to get my Context of Writing Paper started, edited, and finished. It's due this Sunday. 

Last night the under wire to one of my good bra's broke. I am really not happy about that. I've had this bra for two years now and loved it!

On to this morning. I got up later than I wanted to but I got dressed, ate, and had a cup of coffee. I'd decided last night instead of starting with homework first and then spending all day on it as I have pretty much the last several weeks, I would clean a little. So, I started with the part of the bathroom that I can clean, which is the mirror, vanity/sink, top half and inside of the toilet, and the outside of the shower doors. I also reorganized the little metal shelf we keep necessities wash cloths, and some books on. I have to do a lot of this sitting down, which doesn't really make it easier but it does help my back. When that was finished, I picked up the bedroom and while still in my desk chair, I tried vacuuming. I'm not supposed to sweep or vacuum with the way my back is. Of course, as usual, I woke up in pain, but I'm not sure I will be doing this all that often because I am hurting more than I was earlier. It was worth a shot. I  also reorganized my desk. 

Also this morning, I'd gotten a call from my cousin Shi-Chan only I was asleep so I had to call her back. Well along with the normal shitty crap she's dealing with in her life, she learned last week that one of our friends is in the hospital with a terminal illness. This friend of ours lives several states away so she can't make it out to see them and neither can I. Technically I'm not supposed to know yet because they don't want a lot of people to know. This person is trying to keep their troubles away from other people, which I understand so I'm not saying anything along the usual channels. Its awful! Really truly awful. I feel bad for them but also for Shi-Chan because she is closer to this friend of ours than I am and she just lost one of her Uncles and two years ago she lost her Dad. 

Just sad, stressful things happening all around. But hey, there's always Rocket Raccoon, the kitties, and the nap I am very tempted to take. 

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