Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's finally over! Post Office Strikes again, subjects I can stand, lack of communication, and yes damn it, more Rocket Raccoon!

Let's start with the obvious. Rocket Raccoon has kind of been a comfort to me. It might seem weird or strange that a cgi gun-toting, foul-mouthed, bomb making raccoon would be comforting, but well, he is. His face reminds me of Yoda, my kitty who passed away this year. Raccoon's are an animal I fell in love with as a child, my parents and family members used to get me plush raccoon toys (I have a small collection), and he just makes me happy. So, the other day when I wasn't doing so well, I watched a little bit of Guardians of the Galaxy, to see Rocket and because its just fun. 

This latest college term is over. I'm not 100% sure of my grades and at this point, I don't care so long as I passed. It was just a crap term and there are better ones ahead. But for now I have a two week break wherein I can actually read something I want to read and study something I want to study, write, do crafts, watch anime, or play games. All things I can stand doing.

So, I learned some new things about a friend that I didn't know. I thought that she merely tolerated me for the sake of her sister and Amanda. Apparently she likes Amanda and me, yes even me, much more than that. This girl is a wall. I read people pretty well but she is mostly a blank to me. Of course she's scared of confrontation and sucks at communication as well, so that doesn't help either of us out. Anyway, she's the maid of honor in a mutual friend's wedding and she needs some help, so I am going to see if I can't help her out. 

I ran out of two colors of yarn I was using for my parents afghan and neither of the places I usually get yarn have those colors in stock. Also, time was limited and I was panicking, so I finished it off, packed a couple of extra goodies into their box, and mailed that off today. 

And speaking of mailing things. Remember that trouble I had with my postal carrier earlier this month where she was basically too lazy to walk my packages down the steps to my door and tried to claim that she didn't know if I lived here despite her delivering my mail here for the last 3 years? Well, it seems another person in the post office has that issue today, this I overheard while boxing up my parent's Christmas present. I was thinking how much it sucked and half a dozen other random thoughts while looking around the counter to see if there was any tape. Found some tape just sitting out near by and used it without a second thought. Well, Amanda and I got up to the counter, talked to the post office employee while she rang up our boxes, and then she asks us about the tape, which we both used. I told her that I did use the tape, that it was lying out on the counter. To which her reply in lecture/chew us out form was that any tape we use from them we have to pay for, she didn't know why someone would do that, and that she wouldn't charge us for it this time. Um... okay, thanks, I think. She was just so rude about it, kind of degrading actually, that we kind of wanted to tell her that next time we'd go to Fed Ex. They tape our boxes for free, are nicer, and closer to where we live. But we didn't. We just paid and left. 

Other than getting really freaked out at the grocery store today because of so many shopper, most of which were cranky (I swear it was like four different people were following me), I got a new wallet today. It is simple, black but it is as big as I need it to be and has a spot for everything I need, plus a zipper part for my change. I also locked the keys in the car. We parked in front of Game Stop to finish our lunch and since Amanda's Dad left the keys in the ignition and ran the battery down, the car no longer dings and it doesn't keep the car unlocked if the keys are still in the ignition, which they were. I got out and locked my door and then realized exactly what I had done. Thankfully, we weren't too far from home. Unfortunately, we had to go into Game Stop to ask to use their phone because I left mine in the car. Amanda's Dad came with the other set of keys shortly after and we were able to go about our day, which for me was full of tears over stupid shit because of this and that and the end of the term and my period. 

Aside from that, we had a fantastic Yule and I will probably post all my Yule Swag later. For now, I am going to relax and take a nice hot shower.  


  1. Yeah, no. No more USPS for packages to Post Falls. You guys didn't get the package I sent for xmas two years ago, that's why I did FedEx this year. Sad, because that present was a rainbow beanie baby bear for Amanda and a beanie baby bat (with velcro on his wing tips so he can hang from things.) for you. Maybe they'll miraculously turn up some day. The mail carrier leaves all packages at the rental office at this building.

    1. That's sad! Maybe they will turn up but they probably won't. Hope you had a great Christmas!

  2. Happy Yule Hannah! Did you get my card?
    I look forward to hearing from you on Monday, have a great New year's Night!

    1. Hello, no, I haven't recieved you card yet but I don't know if we checked the mail the day before yesterday so it might be here. :)