Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Quick Kitty-shitty picture update

I don't know what is up with the camera on my phone and I haven't really had time to truly check out all the functions. But that's neither here nor there other than it takes some crappy pictures at the moment. 

I'm at my desk again today for this week's homework. My back hurts as always but today my neck has decided to join the party and my head makes three so I will be seeing out some medicine here in a few minutes. Narcisa has also joined me. She likes to curl up on my desk and watch me fuss over my homework. She also enjoys distracting me with her general cuteness but also with stealing various items, chewing on my notebook or planner, or other various objects, mainly my computer cord. Today she's decided to take a nap behind the laptop. Of course she's all tuckered out from her car ride to see where Amanda works and meet Amanda's boss and co-worker. She even spent a whole three minutes alone in the car while I deposited a Christmas check from my Grandparents in the bank. The ATM is outside at my bank so I kept an eye on her. She purred when I came back to the car. She rides pretty well too. She likes to curl up on the floor or on a seat. 

Grandma and Grandpa sent more than money for Christmas. Grandma embroidered some tea towels for me! They have animals and birds but the best part is that they smell like her house. I kind of want to curl up with them and pretend I am there. But I will have to do that later and I don't want to do that to too many of them else I will lose that nice smell. That and I am keeping them for when Amanda and I move out of her parent's house. 

Well, off to homework land I go. yuck!

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