Monday, January 19, 2015

A Belated Yule Haul post.

This is a belated Yule haul post and we can blame a series of icky homework assignments, time spent back and forth between home and the emergency room, and just plain exhaustion for it. I was given tea for Yule and Christmas but that's not my focus. No, my focus are the books Amanda and I received or gave each other.  

I wanted to finish up our holiday series and really have them available  for when the wheel turns to those festive days. I like to read over lore and various things other tidbits I find in these books to help me get in the spirit. So, with Ostara I also bought Lammas because it was finally reasonably priced. I don't know why Lammas' price fluctuates so much. 

Amanda gave me this for Christmas. It was not one that I had bookmarked, I don't think, but it makes a pleasant addition to my library and I like Dr. Bob Curran's book on Vampires. We also have his book on the Undead. 

My friend Fiona gave this to me for Yule. I think it will be more useful than I originally thought and I am excited to look through it when I finally get the chance. 

Another gift from Fiona at Yule. I am really interested to see what this book holds!

Fiona gave this one to me too, which is awesome because I would like to learn to read the Runes. I really enjoy divination.

A couple of friends highly recommended this book, or rather Penczak's temple series. I have a feeling that many of these books are going to be works in progress and that's okay. 

Between Amanda and our a friend back in Kansas, they both pitched in and bought me the Our Troth books so I can read, explore, and learn. 

Last but certainly not least, is Tarot for Writers. Wow, this book is really awesome and honestly, I never would have thought to use or look at tarot in this way. Amanda and I have already created several story ideas from just a few of the exercises in the book. It's so much fun! More than that, I think I am going to have a better understanding of card meanings through it. 

I am sure that I have forgotten some book(s) but it is after 5 am and I have been up all night doing homework. Let's just put it this way, I suppose I have to have a much hated class and my Lit class on critical theory is it this time. I tried to do some homework at a friend's house earlier in the week but failed miserably. Then I took a stab at it again when we came home. Honestly my text book and some of the ideas therein really piss me off. I certainly don't like the part about how the "author is dead". That's fucktarded! Instead of focusing on yourself, and your feelings or your meaning, why not do that but also take into consideration what the author meant too. *sigh*

Well, I am tired, and I don't know how I managed to get 90% on my geography test tonight but I did and I am calling that good. For now.


  1. Hi hun hope you are ok, would be really interested in what you think of the books once you have read them particularly the Ostara one and the inner temple of witchcraft. I think I have one of edain Mccoy's books somewhere I must have a look. Well done on your test by the way that's brilliant. Hugs xxxx

    1. Hi, I am okay for the most part. I will most certainly talk about the books when I have read them. I will probably do notes or something over on my sorely neglected pagan blog but I kind of have to get through this term. I really, truly hope that I don't have too much more to take. Or at least I can get through all the crap classes and get on to more pertinent ones.
      Hugs! XXXXX