Thursday, January 22, 2015

Trying to help my parents just made things worse

Last month I was so worried about my parents that I called my Grandmother because she and Grandpa have been helping my parents financially. My Dad has a job but sometimes there isn't work and sometimes not enough work. Dad has also been looking for other work to help supplement  but with the way things are back in my home state, its really fucking hard, especially when you're 50+ male with 30 years of correctional experience. I mean it's hard for entry level people to find jobs.

Anyway, back to the phone call with Grandma. I called her to see if she could cash in my inheritance and give it to my parents to help keep their heads above water for awhile longer. Grandma said that it's set up in such a way that we couldn't get it until after she and Grandpa pass. Well, I don't want either of them to ever die so that's off the table. Well, apparently she called my Dad and chewed him out about looking for work outside of the state. I have no idea if she told my Dad what I tried to do or not. However, in doing that I made things worse. Now my Dad won't call Grandma for help. He is so depressed he doesn't want to talk to anyone and my Mom says he's panicking so badly. I really screwed things up. If I hadn't asked, then Dad would be able to call Grandma for help. It was already hard enough for him to call in the first place. 


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  1. It's not on you. Your dad has things he needs to do to help himself and after some of the panic subsides we will help him with all of those things that we can. And you didn't tell your gma to chew him out. She is just frustrated at seeing her son suffering right now and wants to help but also knows she can't do it all anymore. *hugs* It's not your fault.