Wednesday, January 21, 2015

DIY Necklace and Bracelet board

As promised I am re-blogging my necklace/bracelet board which used to be posted on my craft blog. Being that I've gone back to school, I had to consolidate my blogs and anything crafty will now be posted here. 

So, this one was actually very easy. I went to a thrift store and found this piece of wood which already had a picture on it (it was sailboats). You could easily get a piece of scrap wood or go get a piece cut for the size and shape you want but I suggest looking at thrift stores first because you never know what you will find and its cheaper. 

I pained it black when I got it home and because I happen to love maps, especially old ones, I found one of Bohemia on the internet and printed it out. Next I glued it on with mod podge it on, and then sealed the entire thing with a fixative. Later, Amanda and I went to the store and bought small metal hooks and she put them on for me. Now it hangs on the wall holding our necklaces and bracelets.  

This is simple, easy, and cheap. You can put whatever you want on it and you can dress it up as much as you want. We chose simplicity because we knew it was going to have a lot on it. 

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