Saturday, January 3, 2015

What is it, the ER doesn't know and taking the kitty to the vet pre-adventure

I'm probably going to make this short because I've got lots to do today and I don't know how much longer I can stand sitting at my desk. I'm at the "I can just barely stand it" pain level today. Onward.

For the last couple of days Amanda's parents, our friend Bethy, and I have been after Amanda to go to the damn ER or Urgent Care to get a spot on her shoulder looked at. She didn't know if it was a zit, an ingrown hair, or a spider bite and given that every once in a while she gets big bad zit that typically goes away within a day or two, she pretty much ignored us. Except that this one didn't go away, we couldn't get anything out of it, there was no head, and she ended up being in so much pain that she was sobbing and couldn't really move her arm. So we got her into the doctor who sent her to the ER. They cut into her and got nothing out of it, the infection has spread, so they put her on pain medication and gave her some high powered antibiotics and sent her on her way with instructions that if it didn't get better in 48 hours to come back. Meanwhile the doctors are tossing around the MRSA word, the Staph word, and saying they don't know for sure what this is. They also didn't let her mother or me go back to their  "fast track" room that they put her in so she was alone while someone was cutting into her. And, I am pissed at the billing department for zeroing in on her right away instead of giving her a minute. It's like, can you let a doctor see her at least before you start talking about money for fucks sake?!

Galen is still sick and we think it's upper respiratory infection. He seems better, but that might just be him trying to be perky since we were gone all day yesterday and he missed us. As grumpy as he is, he likes his humans to be home with him. Anyway, I have to take him to the vet but I have a problem. Every time he gets in a car or taken outside, he pees. So I thought about wrapping him up in a towel, a small grocery bag around his back end over the towel, and then another towel. But then I would have to give him a bath when we got home and I just don't want to put him through that on top of the vet. So, I'm really not sure what to do. I know I need to dig the cat carrier out of the garage today or have Amanda's Dad go do it.

I'm not too happy with Amanda's mom right now. She gambled away the grocery money and we had to use our very limited food stamp money up yesterday to get some things to try and make ends meet. It;s going to be another horrible month of trying to make things last, not eating like I should, eating what I can, and oh yeah, guess I won't be seeing if I a gluten intolerant this month either. So that sucks.

One bit of good news came my way. My Dad might actually get a decent job. He applied for a security position at Wal-Mart and they seem to like him. He's had two interviews and I really hope the fucktard assholes back in corrections don't fuck him over like they have in the past. Basically my Dad and the director didn't see eye to eye and the director destroyed the program my Dad spent 30 years building- that actually worked- got rid of his job and moved him from adult to juvenile. Then the people in juvenile made things impossible for my Dad so they could force him into a forced early retirement. Yes this shit actually goes on. And for shits and giggles the director and my Dad's old boss in Juvenile and even the one in adult residential corrections are all buddies and to this day still gang up on him. I don't understand it. Oh and they recently realized that they did need someone doing my Dad's old job in adult residential so they opened that up but wouldn't let him have it back. So, yeah, my Dad worked his way from the bottom to Facility manager and 2nd to the boss in corrections and after 30+ years was thrown out because the director didn't like that my Dad was effective at his job and was right about how things should be done. Did I mention that they didn't like each other in college either? Oh yeah, they happened to have had classes together. And did I mention that it's a good thing that I don't know what this man looks like else I might run over his foot with my car!

Anyway, I hope my Dad gets the job because that will certainly help him and my Mom out and get their heads above water again.

I start school again in two days and I don't know if I am okay with this. I didn't get a lot done that I wanted to get done. I hate that.    


  1. I just can't believe the shit you have to deal with right now :( But I'm happy for your dad!

    1. Yeah it really sucks but I keep hoping it will get better.