Saturday, July 4, 2015

Enjoying the damn day, finger, Fibromyalgia stuff, and Outlander.

I have some time off from school so today, I decided I was going to relax, and catch up with a Youtube Vlogger- Cory Williams at DudeLikeHELLA. He also does The Mean Kitty and SMP Films and I have been following his vlogs for a couple of years now. So, yeah, I watched about a month and half's worth of vlogs today and while I was at it, I got back to work on a blanket I am making for my cousin Shi-chan. Her colors are dark purple and black and I am doing the wave pattern pictured above.

I think I might have fractured my finger. Aanda's parents keep urging me to go to the ER for it since that's where I will be sent anyway. I don't want to do that because it will cost too much and what's the pint when they aren't going to do anything more than splint and tape it. I can make a run to Wal-mart tomorrow and get the stuff and do it myself for far less money.

I learned some stuff about fibromyalgia. I read a study that talked about fibro sufferers suffering from light, sound, and smell sensitivity. Well that explain why loud noises, bright lights like the sun, and some smells really bother me. Oh and I apparently need to find and read a blog by someone who talks about fibromyalgia too. A friend recommended it to me.

I started watching Outlander with Amanda's mom tonight. I like it so far and will probably continue to enjoy it. But I like period type dramas.


  1. We enjoyed the first season (half), but when it came back on this spring it was a bitter experience. The first episode immediately showed Claire being beaten and raped, and then later beaten by her husband - as punishment for being kidnapped and raped. The second scene was also filmed with upbeat music, as a humorous gag. It was completely disgusting.

    1. Wow, I didn't know that went on in the series. I'm actually starting to get pissed with tv lately. Can't they write conflict and drama without rape?