Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Unintended break, Captian America dress, too much and D&D

It was too good to be true
Somehow this term I ended up taking an unexpected and unintended break from the blogging world. I think I just got overwhelmed with homework and everything going on, with the people around me and so on that I just kind of pushed things to the wayside until I could get a break enough to get my head back where it needs to be. I will get more into that later.

The pretty ring set pictured above was supposed to be my engagement/wedding ring set from Amanda. We found it on a great deal online and I was so excited the moment it came in the mail. Sadly, it has to be returned. The plating began to chip off right away. I couldn't believe how fast it did and I babied the rings. There is definite disappointment, but I will find something else.

Okay, so while my school workload wasn't nearly as bad as it has been in the past couple of terms, the work took just about as much time to complete. It was fun and it was frustrating. Especially when my instructor in my art class couldn't seem to make up her mind whether or not I was supposed to submit my self critique just in the discussion board or also in the main posting area. It was weird but hey, I have a B in the class, so that's all I care about at the moment. The other class I did very well in and actually learned some useful things, was reminding of things pertaining to writing and I am excited about. 

Summer doesn't seem to be shaping up to be smooth and relaxing this year It has become jam packed against my wishes. To kick it off, we had insanity from Amanda's Mom while she was stressing which in turn drive everyone nuts. No, really, I had people who came to Amanda's Graduation party stressed out because of her. Not good. 

Anyway, we had the IEPG camp out and I was very busy before and during. I had a lot of fun though, which was the most important thing. The night we came home from the camp out we had company, Amanda's cousins from Seattle. And then we had her Graduation Party. Now she won't Graduate until July 18th, but we did the party early so any money she got from that she could take with her. Why? Because her school insisted that she have medical insurance and wanted to charge her 700 dollars for insurance she can't use here in her home state and will only need for 10 days. She absolutely has to have it. No if and or buts about it. She managed to get a discount so it's only 200 buck. Well that's how much she got from friends and family at her party. Seriously, this country is so screwed up as far as health care is concerned. Before if you didn't have insurance, you just paid out of pocket. Now you have to do that and you have to pay a penalty fee for not being able to afford it. What the hell kind of sense does that make? Moving on.

This week we have the July Moon, which I am doing tonight and I have no idea what we are doing for the 4th yet, but it will be something. After that Amanda leaves for Boston on the 8th. At some point we have her family reunion, which I really don't want to go to. To be honest, I don't like a good majority of her family. Hell, I don't like a good majority of mine, those that I know. We are supposed to drive down near Orifino to a camp ground and will be hot, I'll be around people who stare and make me feel awkward and who I have nothing to say to and even though I probably have some things in common with them, they are too judgmental for me to want to deal with. The upside is that there are a few who are nice and I actually do like. 

I know we have some other things going on this summer, I just can't remember them right off the top of my head. There are some IEPG things happening that I will go to. 

We've begun playing D&D with the neighbors every couple of days after their kids go to bed. It;s been nice and a lot of fun! Honestly, I think if I hadn't made friends with my neighbor and could escape over to her house as easily, I might have lost it. I think I have surpassed my limit of shit-tolerance from Amanda's parents. They are good people and I do love them but lately there are days that I find myself almost hating them and that's when I know I need to get away. I don't want to hate them. 

Lastly, my favorite Avenger is Capt. America and Amanda got me the Capt. America dress from Torrid when it became available. She bought herself the Loki dress, which I don't have a full picture of at the moment. I have a red cover up to go with it and I want to find some red shoes eventually. Please excuse my hair, for making it cute, the wind killed it that day. Oh and that dress is actually a little bit big. I am going to have to take it in, especially at the top. No that's not my house, we were at the clubhouse where Aunt Lola live. We did it there so we could swim afterward. 


  1. Look at you, rocking the vintage summer look, nice!

    I hear about your crazy health care system from my man. He also had to pay a penalty the year he moved here, even though he didn't live in America anymore...

    I have been trying to access my email account to respond to your last email, but to no avail - I just get logged out all the time. I sent you an email from my new gmail account yesterday, did you get it?

    I'm also trying to locate you on Facebook, because I just signed up :)

    1. Thank you,
      Yes, I did get your e-mail but I was so busy yesterday and didn't get home until after midnight last night, so I haven't had a chance to respond. I will send a copy of my last e-mail to you as soon as I get a chance. I have to take Fiona home today and will be out of the house for a few hours... in this miserable heat... bleh. LOL! I am listed under Hannah Richardson SNHU, my profile has the rainbow filter over a witch tipping her hat.

    2. I thought that was you :) I have friend-requested you now!