Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ridiculousness, school, dog sitting, Amanda

The red head standing in the middle, that's my 
Fiance, Amanda, receiving her Master's diploma. I am super exited she finally has it and that the schooling part for her is over. Her novel isn't but she will be working on it when she returns home.

There she is again on the far right. 

At the moment I am dog sitting my neighbor's dog, totally hanging out watching Ridculousness. Its stupid, its funny, and its mindless enough for a day of semi-relaxation that I am really loving it! My neighbor took her husband and kids to Boise over night so she could see her parents and Grandma. Her parents live in Arizona and were coming up to see her Grandmother. It;s a quick visit and they will be back today sometime. So far, I've let their dog out several times, watched some TV, and have done homework. It's so quiet and nice. 

So far, I've made it through my first week of this term. I had a lot of reading this week. I've had to do a list of value statements, do an author bio, and it looks like I have to launch a website for my writing. That freaked me out a little because I don't have anything published (aside from fanfic and I wouldn't exactly use that to represent me). It has to be an active site and paired up with a facebook page and twitter account or one other media platform. I am so dreading this, but maybe it won't be so bad. I can always deactivate stuff or put it on hold until I need it again. In my photography class, I have played with my camera and the settings, and played with a couple types of photography. 

At the moment, I am very tired and ready to take a nap. I can't very well go to bed because I still have a lot of laundry to do. With that comes cleaning off my bed and putting clean sheets on. I also have dinner to eat. I managed to get my desk cleaned off and the bathroom cleaned. I'd say that's progress! 


  1. I will doing a website and facebook and twitter as well so I will struggle with you XD <3 Also I'll help you start getting some submissions out so you can hopefully start getting some stuff published.

  2. Congratulations to Amanda!
    I tried to peruse your new blog, but got an error message that "It couldn't be found"..?

    1. Thank you,
      I had to delete that one and start over from scratch with a completely new account. I will put up the new link in a new blog post later. :)