Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quickly running out of spoons, homework, tears, amazing friends

It is not even noon yet and I'm almost out of spoons. For those of you who aren't familiar with spoon theory, I wake up with so many spoons (energy) a day and once they are gone, they are gone. I can't just drink coffee or an energy drink and keep going. Today, I seem to have awoken with fewer spoons in my daily arsenal than usual. I've only been up a few hours and I am ready for a nap, a fact for which I have spent energy or spoons crying over and then more energy forcing myself to stop crying and take the golden opportunity of a quite house to do homework. Well, I'm not quite ready for homework at the moment. Kind of need a few more minutes. 

We went to lunch with a friend yesterday and it was wonderful! We talked abut a lot of things and she gave Amanda her graduation gift. It was a card with a check inside. Neither of us looked at the amount else we probably would have made her take i back and most certainly not allowed her to pay for lunch. We had a gift card for the restaurant we went to and had tried to give it to her but she refused to take it. Anyway, we didn't actually look until we were on our way home because we needed to get gas in the jeep and we nearly crashed the car. It was $200! It was too much! We are so grateful and humbled by this gift and neither of us could thank our friend and her husband enough. We are going to have to do something really special for them and soon. 

Well, other than that, some changes will be taking place in Amanda's and my life. We are going to really crack down on traffic within our house and some other things and really work hard on getting some writing out to magazines and competitions. We are both also going to work really hard on getting novels plotted, up on storyboards, written, and polished. Then we will send those out too. 

But for now, I am going to do my best with getting homework finished for the day.  


  1. That spoon theory works well for depression and emotional energy as well. I hope you guys can clear out some of the situations that you don't need in your lives.

    1. It really can be applied to those as well.
      I hope that we can clear out some of that to.
      At the moment we aren't doing so well with it. We are going to have company through the end of summer and in to fall. *sigh*