Thursday, April 21, 2016

It's story time, Heartless, and our patio.

That's my wallpaper, isn't it pretty! 

I am having trouble deciding what I want to work on for my Advanced Creative writing class. I'm hoping that by writing a blog and getting my fingers moving over the keys, that will make my brain move too. Or, it could just be that I am lying to myself and stalling because I don't have an idea and my instructor's announcement of wanting 2nd and 3rd drafts turned in this week, instead of 1st drafts like the module dictates, really threw me into a bit of a panic. 

I thought about rewriting and extending a story for a previous class and even asked my instructor if that would be all right. She said that the school's policy for self plagiarism means that I would have to completely make it something different. Um, no, I don't want to, that wasn't the point. So I am trying to think of something new. I did break out the portable hard drive that has stuff I've been working on for years to look at for ideas. No luck there, at least I wasn't feeling drawn to anything in particular except for a story called Unsaber Boden "Black Land", but that was a fanfic and it, just, no. I do like the title, although I'm not quite sure where I was going with it.

Amanda suggested that I look at a book we have for generating story ideas. Well, I went into the spare room that's neither finished nor organized, and I couldn't find it nor could I get to the area that seems to have a lot of our writing books. So I grabbed the Tarot for Writer's by Corrine Kenner, except that I don't think I am going to use it, because I just got a really interesting idea!!! I'm going to peruse all the pictures on my computer, examine it, and pull from that! See, I'm not really stalling, lol. I swear some times I just have to talk shit out. 

Last night Amanda surprised me by wanting to watch a TV show with me. She doesn't really like TV (unless it is something she really wants to watch, like My Little Pony) and stopped watching Supernatural when they killed her favorite character off. I don't really watch a lot of TV but there are some shows that I will watch on Netflix when I am in the mood for them. I don't like being tied to a tv schedule. I did that growing up because my Mom was big on recording stuff on VHS. Anyway, the point is it kind of took me by surprise that Amanda not only wanted to watch this but suggested we watch it. So we did. The whole 8 episodes in one night.

Heartless is a Danish series about twins who suck the life out of people to survive and go in search of their mother and or who and what they are. It was really good. I pretty much feel that the boy twin is a piece of shit and I adore the girl twin. Bonus, I love that there is a lesbian relationship in the show. It also ended well, okay, it ended on a cliffhanger which sets it up for the next season. Amanda isn't sure that she wants to see the next season because she is afraid that the lesbian couple won't last and she'd rather not see that. In so much of the media these days any homosexual relationship never lasts because one or both of them die or they just don't stay together which isn't indicative of real life, more like society trying to push their agenda. In fact almost every homosexual movie or show with homosexual couples in it ends with death or a break up. Sense 8 has a strong lesbian couple that I adore and that was one of the few I have seen.

 Anyway, I will probably watch the second season and if the lesbians get to stay together, then I'll let Amanda know, if not, then I just won't tell her. 

Okay, so really quick, the patio pictures I promised of our half finished garden (we still have some plants to get). I apologize for the darkness of the pictures, its been awhile since I picked p that camera and fiddled with it... Last time I did was my photography class. 

One of the wind chimes we found at Grocery Outlet. I love that it is also a sun catcher! 

This one has a bell on it and you can't see the Moons, but there are moons on it!

Some brass Chinese characters Amanda's Mom gave us a couple of years ago. 

A friend gave us this table for our patio when she was taking stuff to the thrift store. Another friend found the cute pagoda lantern at another thrift store and gave it to me. Amanda and I have yet to have dinner or even breakfast and coffee outside yet, but soon!

Okay so this is what it looks like at the moment. Amanda put our blue lights up and hung all the sun catchers and wind chimes.  Amanda took a shoe holder, cut it and staple-gunned it the balcony supports. We've got herbs in those. I have several little black pots, some you can't see because they are hidden behind a pole, filled with flowers and some herbs. The grayish white planter has bachelor buttons and the bigger black planter has pansies for my Great Grandma Ireland. Eventually we will get Amanda;s Blue Spruce over here from her parents house and I will have my Japanese red maple (I'm going to do that one bonsai style). We're going to get some rose bushes, tomato plants, and start the bell pepper plants soon. 

Okay, off to find a picture and get a story started!

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