Sunday, April 3, 2016

Unexpected sewing projects, changes, exercise, self care

The twins came up for a visit this weekend. I mostly kept to myself and did my own thing, including watching the Talking Kitty on Youtube for a little bit. (I learned the sad news that Gibson, the gray kitty of that web series passed away recently from bladder/kidney infection complications) Other than that and a nightmare that I haven't quite been able to shake  (someone truly awful keep following and touching me and no matter how much I screamed and pushed, no matter how angry I got, they kept following, touching, and hurting me even- needless to say I don't want anyone to touch me in the conscious world either right now), it has been a quiet and pleasant weekend. Tonight I am going to make a lemon garlic chicken with cream sauce over rice with some asparagus for dinner. Amanda and I are going to pick up the house a little and then just spend some time together. 

Still don't know what my final project or even what my final grade is my lit class. *sigh*

All that aside, we went to Joann's fabrics yesterday. The twins wanted colored pencils and I wanted to check to see if they had the fabric I had in mind for one of the potential cosplay ideas I'd had. They do but it will be expensive. So if I go with that character, I am going to have to budget and plan accordingly.  While I was looking around, not intending to buy any fabric, I found the one pictured above and knew it not only had to come home with me but that I had to make a skirt out of it. I just had to get the okay from Amanda because she had all the money this time around. She not only approved but she'd found some really soft, minky like material with a Princess Sofia print and wanted something made from it. I will be making her two pillow cases. I am hoping to get those projects cut and sewn this week and get a set of curtains made for the dining room cut, sewn, and stamped/painted as well.

Yesterday morning, needing some time to myself but not wanting to stay home, I went to the apartment complex's community building with Amanda and the twins. They went swimming and I went to the tiny gym. The treadmill feels different than any other I have been on, the sitting bicycle is nice for the most part. I like the weight machines too but even though I was careful to not over do it, I am still a bit sore today. I didn't get up and move a lot while I was sick so I am slow, but also I have this problem where my brain thinks I can just go and go and go, but my body says "Wait a minute, think again!" Ever since that disk herniated its like I have had this disconnect and sometimes it feels like this isn't my body. This is obviously something I am going to be speaking with a therapist about. Something I also plan to get set up and started this coming week. But yes, I did some exercising and found that I actually like doing it alone better than with anyone else. It's nice to just put on a set of head phones and listen to music, shutting everyone and everything else out for awhile. 

Exercise is part of my self care, the self care that in the past I haven't been so great at maintaining- as in self care in general. I'm going to be fixing that problem. There have been some things that I have put off doing because of this or that or I was waiting for Amanda or trying to work it around her. Fuck that shit. I'm going stop that. Along with  that, I have some other changes that I am going to be integrating. Amanda almost has the spare room/office/bowie room put together and that means my desk will be moved in shortly, possibly even today. One of those changes is that when I go into that room, I am officially at work or school. Not to be bothered. Further, Amanda and I have both decided that if we really are going to make careers out of writing, then we need to cut down on social time. With her at work full time and me doing school full time plud the IEPG stuff, we just can't afford to do as much socializing as we have done in the past. Further we don't owe anyone any explanations, if we say no, that means no and will remain no with none of this going behind one persons back to ask  or con the other. No, means no. Period. And if our friends have any respect for us what so ever, they will respect that. 

I talked to my Dad again this weekend. There is some good news in their part of the world. My Dad is taking over the house arrest install business for his friend. Said friend and his girlfriend are moving to the Virgin Islands to live and work. The guy will still own the business, of course, but my Dad is running it for him and if business improves then my parents will have a little more money than what Dad was making at Wal-Mart and if not, then they won't and Dad will look for other options. Personally, I think it is a good deal especially since Dad will get to drive the company truck and not put more wear and tear on his. And he can still be there for Grandma and Grandpa. Of course they are still in the vicinity of the Beast (a.k.a. my aunt) but that's not going to change until they move. 

Well in keeping with some self care, I am going to go take a short nap with Amanda. We have our lovely new sofa and we want to try sleeping on it.

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  1. YAY Fro no more Walmart!! Keep up on that self care. You are to wonderful to not be taken care of. We love you.