Friday, April 1, 2016

Jerks, Rurouni Kenshin, crochet, end of term, cosplay.

It's the end of another term. I am relieved. For as much as my instructor in my Lit class is a jerk to me, I have a feeling I am not the only one he's been that way to. Our last discussion board post was a reflection post, or as I like to call them "busy work" posts. It's supposed to be a summation of what you learned throughout the term. This one was a little more involved and a little more annoying. I did my post and was honest, expressing that I don't particularly like Lit classes because I don't like tearing novels and pieces apart. I don't like making assumptions about what I think the author may or may not have meant in their work. Point of fact a lot of people insist and argue that J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings is a reflection of his time in WW2, never mind that he stated it was not. When people won't even listen to the author- who created the work they are tearing to shreds- then their option becomes invalid to me. But that aside, I did talk about how I do see some value in literary analysis, just not to the point that a person begins to hate what they previously enjoyed. 

That said, my instructor left a long snide comment about how many creative writing and English majors often say they hate literary classes and then proceeded to thinly veil an insult that basically said we are all basically idiots because we are missing the point. We should also value tearing apart other writer's work. I just rolled my eyes, because I never said literary classes didn't have merit or value, I simply stated that I didn't enjoy them. Which means he didn't pay attention at all. The fact that he insulted all the creative writing students he's had that stated their displeasure in taking such classes is also kind of juvenile. But the best thing happened. Two other creative writing majors piped in with the same sentiments in support of me. That was a pleasant surprise. Of course, my instructor is waiting until the last minute to grade my paper and the back work I turned in from when I was sick. 

On to happier things.. per se. I talked to my Dad the other day about what was going on. I suppose things are a little better. My Mom was worried that she'd upset me. Well, yeah. Of course. Its not her fault though. Mom is allowed to vent to me too, I was just taken so off guard because it was less venting more like an emotional explosion.

Okay really happier stuff.

Look what Netflix put on. Apparently it's been on for a couple of months and I didn't know it. Well I do now and I am trying to pick up where I left off several years ago. Back when Toonami was on cartoon network during the afternoon, Kenshin was on for awhile, but they removed it before I could finish it. Of course, I was also working at a grocery store at the time and often had to work when it came on. Anyway, I am enjoying it and double up on the time I spend watching it with crochet. I have to get my cousin's afghan done before her birthday.

The twins, Amanda, and I are going to Kuro Neko Con this year. I really want to cosplay again and Amanda does too. She wants to go as Princess Sofia. I've just begun my hunt for who I want to go as. I want something that I can make kind of light since it will be July, but I want something long enough to cover up my leggings if I wear a dress. I would love to be Noelle from Trinity Blood, but garters and slits up both sides of the costume just doesn't work for me, not because I am fat or modest, but because I am not interested in possible chaffing. So if I go as anyone from Trinity Blood it will Ester. The costume is easy enough that I can put it together pretty much on my own and anything else I need help with I can ask a cosplay friend or watch Youtube vids. Don't know if I will stick with this one or not, but it is an option.   

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