Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Jerk, company, a belated birthday pic, some other stuff.

A belated pic from my birthday. Amanda's Mom was going to make this whole woodland themed cake and then she heard me say I wanted to do Mermaids. Of course, I didn't know what she was planning. So she combined the two. So there is a german chocolate cake under the colorful icing and Cathy made regular cupcakes for those who didn't want the cake. That all took place last month but I wanted to share a pic of the cake at least. 

Still don't know my grade in my Lit class. So in my opinion, the instructor is still a jerk. 

My break week was and is kind of shot. We have had company the whole time. I wish I could have had some time alone to do a few things but I have also had some fun with the Twins and with Amanda's friend from Boston. It was nice to finally meet the Boston friend since she and I are so much a like. 

We went out yesterday to show Boston friend around and you know after three weeks of being sick, trying to run around downtown on foot is kind of exhausting. Worse, I haven't gained any weight that I know of, but my legs were like, "nope, bitch, nope!" The muscles kind of burned. They felt like that when I went to the community building to exercise. I had the same thing happen today too, but I will get to today later. So I am annoyed. But on to yesterday's adventure downtown.

We went to the Looff Carousel in River Front Park in downtown Spokane. It's an antique and really fun. 

Amanda on her horse

Boston friend on hers

And me on a dragon bench. I opted for the bench because I didn't feel like climbing on a horse and I could put all our bags next to us. Also, that is not black lipstick, it's actually a really dark purpleish-plumb. Also, I really need to redye my hair. 

After the carousel we fed the trash goat statue. It has a vacuum in its mouth, you press a button, and hold your trash under it and it sucks it up. It's kind of fun.  

We had a decision to make after the goat. Do we try to talk through the park (it is a big park and normal people can do it), find a bridge to cross the river, and go to The Flour Mill where the chocolate Apothecary, Wonder of the World, and Wonder's Bead Shop, along with several other shops are? Or do we just cross the street and to go Boo Radley's and find food for lunch? I opted for lunch because I honestly didn't think I could make it across the park, shop, AND make it back to do some more shopping and then make back to the mall's parking garage. 

So it was off to Boo Radley's toy shop. It was a neat little store that we hadn't even been in. Lots of fun trendy things. Atticus was our next stop. Atticus is a tea/coffee cafe/ bookstore and drink wear sort of store. (Yes these two stores are themed after two character's in To Kill a Mockingbird)

Amanda stole Boston Friend's head band.

So that was yesterday and today I had to take Amanda into work. She forgot that she had to be there at 8 instead of 7. When I came home, I called my Dad work on my new laptop. I just had a question or two about some of the programs I didn't recognize. I took a short nap afterward and then got up to cook lunch. We had bacon grilled cheese sandwiches. Well we had them with Amanda when Boston friend and I went to have lunch with her. I also took a Blood Orange and some red skin dill potato salad. It was nice to sit on the terrace of Amanda's work, which is up on the 8th floor. It's not too hot of a day, however, it is brilliantly blindingly sunny. So in the short time that we were up and out there, my arm started to burn. I had to move after about ten minutes. Thankfully, I haven't broken out in hives. Time to get some sun screen. 

Later we are going to go pick Amanda up form work, go to dinner, and then take Boston friend to the airport. I suppose we will just come home and go to bed after that. But our stint of company isn't over. I have to drive down to Moscow, Idaho tomorrow to pick up one of the Twins. She has a date with a dude from another town over. She doesn't drive. But hey, her sister will come get her. 

Well, time for another nap. 


  1. sounds like such a busy time...busy but fun....I want to feed the trash goat!!!
    I'm catching up on your posts and I'm going to email you this week:)

    1. It was a busy time that really hasn't stopped being busy, lol. Trash goat wants to be fed!
      Okay, I will look for your e-mail. It occurs to me that I haven't opened my e-mail the last several days...

  2. There is a famous Looff carousel in Santa Cruz that I have yet to make a ring in the clowns mouth. I like the photo of you on the carousel.I googled the garbage goat...that's a fun way to get rid of trash. Seems like your still going to continue to be a busy bee.I hope you have a creative and inspired week.

    1. I love that there is more than one Looff! I don't think we had a clown's mouth, at least I didn't see one- which is a good thing because I don't like clowns, lol.
      Thank you, the coloring on my phone is a little off, so I look a lot more pale in the photo than I really am... although I like it. The garbage goat is a fun way to get rid of trash. I think every park should have one.
      Thank you, I hope you have a creative and inspired week and get to feeling better too!