Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Edit, dribble dribble snot I can't breathe, can't sleep either. Happy things!

In my last blog I mentioned a cartoon called The School for Little Vampires, and that I believed it was Danish. No, that is in fact wrong. I misunderstood Amanda, thinking she was talking about the cartoon, when she was actually looking up a Danish breakfast dish. So, the cartoon is actually German. Honestly, I was a little confused because the episode titles are all in German. Then I thought, "well, Germany and Denmark are close to each other, so I suppose there could be some cross language happening". Which of course I told Amanda when we got home from dinner this evening. She said it was a stretch. But, I just looked at a map of Europe to double check and my feeling was right, Germany and Denmark are not only close to each other, they border each other. So, language cross overs could happen. 

So, I can't sleep. At dinner I was having all manner of issues trying not to sneeze, convincing myself that I wasn't cold, that I wasn't hurting all over more than usual. By the time I got into the car, I gave in and admitted that I am sick. I had some lemon ginger tea when I got home, some Advil, and vitamin c. That might explain why I thought the garlic on the naan bread (we went to Top of India) as so spicy and why I could barely taste salt. And despite Amanda giving me a decongestant at the restaurant, I still can't breath through my nose. 

Speaking of the restaurant, we went out with some friends because they weren't able to make it to my graduation party and they wanted to celebrate with us. It was a lot of fun and I'm so excited that we were able to do that. I think Amanda might have annoyed some of the other customers, but they can deal. Besides, our conversations were awesome and definitely more entertaining. 

In other news, another friend of mine got a tattoo this weekend that sounds freaking awesome. I haven't seen, wouldn't mind, but don't feel like it is a necessity. The story behind it is what is so amazing and even inspiring. She tied into her post-it-note blog about picking one part of your body or something you don't like about yourself and treating it like it was special/ giving it some love. Since I have a love hate relationship with my own body and have been trying to break myself of it, this was a really good post for me to read. 

I've been wanting to get a couple of tattoos myself, although, I don't think I will go the path my friend did with hers. Somehow I just don't think getting a bat or the moon phases across my ass is something I really want to do. Someday, when I am brave enough, I would love to do something like this, minus the owl. I like owls, but I am more of a cat/bat/raccoon/fox person. Still, I love maple leaves, love the fall colors, and really like the over the shoulder and down the arm design. 

There is also a rune tattoo that I would like to get. In high school, without realizing fully what it meant, I was drawing Laguz, thinking it meant rain. Since it is associated with water and that's my element, it felt natural, that and I was kind of drawn to it. Now that I am more grown up and looking at runes a very serious and more studious and spiritual manner, I know that Laguz means more than just water or the power of. It also means going with the flow of things, which, in a lot s respects, is a very important lesson in and of itself. Which is kind of something I've been trying to do instead of beating my head again walls with some things or fighting against other things.

 Anyway,  Sadly, that's the only rune that I've managed to remember and I even had to look it up to double check. But I feel a ramble coming on, not that I already haven't had  a bit of one...

The plan for tomorrow was to take some photos of the fun, spooky decor in my house, work on some craft things, and get a little reading and writing done, but we will see how I feel in the morning. Honestly, it may end up being one of those throw some stuff in the crock pot, curl up on the sofa, and tell the world to suck it, kind of days. Could be fun, after all Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time is nice eye candy. 


  1. hope you're feeling better soon.
    resting on the sofa sounds like a good plan:)

    1. Thank you, Marfi, it was, but I did get a little restless.