Thursday, September 15, 2016

I know it's almost 1 am but it's still Wednesday for me, so Haunted Hump day still counts.

It's that time of year again!
Since I am sick, I didn't feel up to picking up my house and taking pictures of my spooky decor. Don't worry, I am getting to it and haven't forgotten. Nor have I forgotten that I said I would share some pumpkin pictures on a Halloween Swap page on Facebook- they are on a camera that was moved and I keep forgetting to go look and to ask where it is. Fear not, I have made a page long list of stuff I want to try and accomplish over the next several days. Lists make my life so much easier. 

So, in lieu of spooky decor and really any current successful craft projects (my salt dough ornament experiment didn't work out the way I had hoped so I am moving on to sculpey), I will share a semi-spooky personal manifestation board I did several weeks back and a personal ghost story.

Here is my board. I wanted it to be more witchy but apparently I was channeling my inner goth/ vampire that day. There are some witch-ish elements shining through, but mostly it has to do with other aspects of my life. Since we as humans are multifaceted it makes sense. A more pagan-centric manifestation board has been planned to address my pagan goals, but I may just save that for Halloween night, you know since it is the Witch's new year and all that. 

On to the ghost story, which Marfi, who hosts Haunted Humpday, kind of inspired. Well, in so much as reminded me with her post, that I can post ghost stories too. Anyway, I am sure that those who have met me physically have heard this story, but those in internet land have not, read it if you wish. This is a personal experience dating back to when I was a very small child...

I woke up in the middle of the night scared, the cold sweat, to scared to make a noise, kind of scared. My bed faced the wall opposite my bedroom window. A street light always shone in and there was also the shadows from a large tree in the back yard. I used to lay in bed and entertain thoughts of a skeletal chicken army marching across my wall, so in some respects the tree plays a tiny part, in that most of what I would normally see, wasn't there. Instead it was blacked out by a black, child-sized figure perched on my windowsill, and it was watching me. I knew it was, its red eyes glowed on my wall, as if the wall was a mirror. It watched me for a few little bit then turned its attention to something outside. Somehow I managed to pull the covers up and hide, desperate and hoping that if I could just go back to sleep it would leave. 

I never saw it again. Some might say it was a really bad dream. For awhile I thought maybe it was until I heard an internet radio show hosted by a Shaman. I don't even remember what exactly he was talking about that recalled the memory of this creature, but I e-mailed him and described what had happened when I was younger. His response was that it probably wasn't a dream, that it was probably a creature that fed from children's fear. He had a friend who studies this kind of thing. Of course for the life of me I can't remember what her name was, but how freaking creepy. Now, I don't know how true this could be, because when I tried looking up information on such a creature, I was coming up with nothing. However, I didn't really look too hard or too long. I might do that in the near future.   


  1. After experimenting with Salt dough it's quite hard one to get the best things. I've found a lot of me since have got damp and had to be thrown out.

    1. I baked mine, but had to do so twice. I also forgot to put holes for ribbon in prior to baking, and I didn't like the puffiness that happened during the baking process.

  2. Love your manifestation board! and that story was SO creepy!
    that thing you saw sounds like those horrible shadow creatures that plague people that get sleep paralysis.
    Thank you for playing along! you have until Saturdays to post:)
    Have you ever made cinnamon ornaments? you can use cookie cutters on the dough, they smell amazing and they last forever!

    1. Thanks!
      Okay, that's good to know, lol.
      It is creepy, I ended up using the experience for a short story in one of my writing workshops and apparently unnerved my instructor.
      No, I haven't made cinnamon ornaments, but I did pin a tutorial on pinterest. I will have to give it a shot very soon!

  3. Oh now I want to create manifestation boards. I'll participated when I can to haunted humpday. My oldest son would always see an E.T. like figure at night since he could talk, it would be in every house we moved into until this one we now own. I think his was a guardian of sorts, but red eyes makes me think yours was not of the best intentions. Pretty creepy!

    1. Creating a manifestation board is a lot of fun. I like looking through all my craft stuff, magazines, and whatnot to make them.
      Hopefully your son's experience with this possible guardian was a good one?