Tuesday, January 10, 2017

DIY Canopy!

Amanda and I decided that we wanted a canopied bed again. We had one years ago. I had bought us a metal hell-beast of a four poster canopy from a furniture store that is no longer in business. I wonder why? Consider that when they sold us the bed, they gave us a shit frame that didn't fit properly and if you wiggled on the bed too much, the bed would fall through at one of the corners. We had to use 1x4s and lots of wire to keep it together. Finally, after enough falling, we tossed the frame. We kept the curtains we'd bought for it.

I found this tutorial on Pinterest not too long ago and showed it to Amanda.  Several months later and a two hour trip to Lowes for some PVC Pipe, elbow joints, and some ceiling hooks, and we have a canopy.

The materials we used were as follows: (Since I wasn't involved in the making, I don't have the step by step process)

3 10ft half inch PVC pipes which we had cut at Lowes.
2 elbow joints and 2 end caps.
7 5inch ceiling hooks. 
6 black sheer curtains
Two strands of Christmas lights.

We do not have the bar where the head of the bed is. We skipped that piece.

These photos are pre-Christmas lights and when this Spring or Summer rolls around, we will take the pipes down and outside and paint them black. I'm planning to make something pretty for the corners so we don't have the ugly elbow joints sticking out. To that effect, I have some die cut spider web garland I want to paint and hang as well as some bat garland. I'm not sure which will make it to the bed, but one of those will.

We sort of have a mishmash of decor in the bedroom. Some of it is Goth, some is Anime, some is Asian, complete with the family made quilts and few stuffed animals. Eventually, I will get some things better organized- Amanda wants to get me a proper vanity/ dressing table because I apparently need drawers- I will get some pictures of the overall room. Honestly, at the moment it is the cleanest room of the house... for now....


  1. Cool idea , I love stuff like this.

    1. I do too. We were thinking about making a headboard, but at the moment I think we are skipping it. We will take on a headboard endeavor at a later time.