Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pulling back, pretty stickers, Evil Supply Co., and the sky makes me happy.

Evil Supply co.

Because the political scene is so infuriating and I'm already having a horrible day physically, I decided to pull away from that and focus on happier things.  But first...

Revenge period update: I'm filling pads every half hour. I'm tired as hell. I've had enough of a shower to try to clean myself up and I'm not sure that it did much good because I barely got a towel between my legs to catch the blood while I tried to dry off and get dressed again. I now have to clean the bathtub and toilet and the bathroom floor, and there's another load of laundry to do.  I have taken 4 Advil to help with pain and in the hopes that it will help slow the bleeding down. My friend Chris is coming at 2 this afternoon to hang out with me. She was coming for dinner anyway, but I asked her to come early just in case I pass out or need to go to the hospital. Not that I want to go, I know they won't do anything for me. I'm just supposed to bleed to death and shut up about it. Sorry, that was incredibly negative.

The sky is overcast today and if I wasn't running about in a night gown, I would open the curtains to enjoy it more. Still, it makes me so happy. Overcast days are beautiful to me. 

The above picture is from a stationary and paper supply company I stumbled upon. I love them! Evil Supply Co. has the cutest, fun, gothy stationary, strikers, patches, and notebooks. They are pretty affordable as well. I ordered a couple of notebooks for friends for Xmas and a couple for Amanda and I. When placing that order, I ordered the one time mystery box. It came yesterday and I love everything that came inside. We received 4 stickers, their little themed news paper, two notebooks, a patch, a card and envelope, and an art print. 

Last night was a printing night for me. Amanda bought me sticker paper for Yule/Xmas and printer ink. A friend turned me on to printing affirmations on sticker paper (well, she used vinyl paper) and I really liked that idea. I already got the paper for planner stickers anyway, so why not? Now, I already printed some affirmations out a couple of weeks ago, but last night I did a few more for a specific purpose. I'm making manifestation boards/ posters for above my desk here are just a few. 

I love Lily Munster

I also printed out a few Voltron pics for Amanda to put in her journal, like this one, with Shiro, because he is my favorite. 

I need to do a little more printing today, I have some planner stickers that I accidentally printed on the wrong side of the paper last time, and I found a couple ore free ones on pinterest. That is if I don't fall asleep first.

I am trying to stay seated at my desk and trying to write little things such as this blog, in the hopes that I don't just sleep all day from this period crap. I kind of want to be able to get up and go to the bathroom instead of waking up to a mess, if that makes sense. 

But aside from all of that, I put together a list of crafts that I would like to do this spring and hopefully I can showcase those as they are finished. They kind of have to be easy, quick, and inexpensive crafts because we are trying to get things together for our wedding in October. 

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