Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bittersweet dream

While my friend VisualFish had a nightmare, I had a dream I could have sworn was a movie. I remember waking up with the distinct need to go look up a movie called "Something Called Love". Well, I did only there isn't a movie with that title. I thought surely not so I checked amazon and various other sites and still nothing.

Anyway, the reason, I suspect, that I thought it was a movie was that the heroine was Jennifer Gardner (Alias, Electra ect...) and the hero was Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Supernatural, Watchman, ect...). Then there was the hero's brother who was played by the Scottish doctor or scientist from Stargate Atlantis. So you've got a little of the cast of my dream right... The setting, it's a big freaking city. I mean come on, where else do most movies take place.

So Girl meets Guy by chance, don't remember how but they do. He's all dazzling smiles and she's doing the tucking her hair behind her ear thing. They go on a date or two and it's nervous excitement. The girl tells her all her friends what a really great guy he is. They want to know what he does so she calls and he tells her to come by an address after work the next day.

Said girl waits until the next evening after work but here's the kicker. Her throat hurts and her voice is barely there because she slept with her window open all night the night before. So when she arrives at what turns out to be a beautiful confectioners/candy store for some reason some high and mighty mother with bratty kids thinks she's drunk. Girl probably stumbled a little on the way in. So this woman proceeds to chew girl out. Girl manages to get her voice back enough to tell said woman that she should stop assuming the worst of people, that she's here to see one of the owners, she isn't drunk, she's just not feeling very well because she slept with her window open all night and the woman can take her insults and assumptions and shove them where the sun don't shine and hopefully none of her kids will turn out to be a rude and fake as her. The woman gets pisses and takes her kids and storms out of the store.

The brother of our hero rushes up to our heroine and grabs her up in a hug and says he knew she was the one his brother was all mushy hearted about, tells her she pretty and wonderful and blah blah blah and that the hero in the back. So girl goes to the back and sees the hero sitting at a desk injecting himself with something. I don't know what the hell it was, all I know is the hero gets upset because he didn't want her to see. It's drugs but not the bad kind, the medicinal kind. She of course wants to know what's going on and he doesn't want to tell her. So she goes to the brother and brother tells her that he's sick with something, like that helps me right? I got the sense that it was something fatal or near fatal.

So girl wants to take care of him, says he's the best guy she's ever met and doesn't want to lose him. He's a little more reluctant, he didn't mean for this to happen, he shouldn't have gotten involved with her in the first place. She says but he did and now he has to suffer the consequences which leads to much smex in the bed. Next day she takes him to her families house which, get this, looks like my grandma's house. Her family are gypsies or something and they do a blessing on him to make him better and insist that the two of them get married and on top of that they give girl and guy fertility charms to make babies. All is fun and fine.

However near the day of the wedding, our hero's health takes a turn for the worst and they move the wedding up and marry in the hospital room. After that I know what happens because I woke up an intense need for pudding and found cat puke with my foot.

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  1. cat puke! What a lovely ending XD but that does sound like it could be one of those cool romantic movies! Hehe us and us having movie/story dreams.