Monday, September 6, 2010

A weird day.

Well we ended up working 10 hours today at work and I basically put my foot down and said we weren't working 10 hours instead of our normal 8 on Sunday unless Amanda and I could have lunch together. As it turns out for those of us who stayed until 11 tonight, were fed yummy subway as a thank you.

Still 10 hours and then I had to go to my mom's to get the only decent skillet I own from her clutches. Luckily Daddy pointed it out to me and I made a safe get away with it. Actually Mom didn't care, she knew it was ours and was glad to have it out of her kitchen.

We ended up staying a little bit to watch Drag Me to Hell. Amanda hadn't seen it before and the last time I saw it my Aunt and Uncle yapped all the way through it so I didn't actually get to watch it.

But finally we made it home and I really didn't feel up to cooking and Amanda feels like she can't cook a thing. So I told her what to make. BBQ Hamburgers with cheese and those crispy onion things you put on green bean casserole. She didn't put BBQ sauce on her but she did mine and it was nummy!

Now are for cats, I have proof on my cell phone that Galen truly is a demon. But I can't get the stupid video I took to move to the card for the computer so I can upload it. Stupid, tricksey phone!


  1. At least you got subway! Hehe~ And I am glad you got your skillet back @-@ that one at your place likes to burn everything it touches--like a Skoora, who amazingly is cooking well lately. I am happy about that!

  2. I know, I was so thrilled to not have to cook the other night. I mean I told her how to make everything but she cooked it just fine.