Saturday, October 29, 2011

Been meaning to post...

I have several blog entries that I have been meaning to post with subject like politics, make up, school, and the up and coming NaNoWriMo. But... I haven't been in the position to really focus on it. I've written three papers in the last two days, been dealing with my back, and believe it or not, I got out of the house to go somewhere other than to school. That's right, I went shopping today. I was a bit too rambunctious and thought I could handle going to two stores, one of which I will blog about later. Needless to say when I got home I was more pain than when I awoke and I was exhausted. I did manage to make it across the street to my cousin's house to watch Supernatural with her but I had to come home shortly after due to being tired and having homework. Boy will I be glad for a break in homework. Too bad I will be moving.

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