Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! My medicine-foggy brain just realized it was 12:30 and thus the 30th of October had given itself over to the 31st.

What are your plans for this evening? Have anything ghoulish in mind?

Unfortunately I have my trigonometry class tonight from 6pm to 10:30 pm so that's killed any plans I might have had, which kind of sucks since Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. However, my college is having a family oriented celebration that begins at 5pm, so I will at least get a little fun for an hour before class begins and I am sure I will find something to do with my family afterwards. Also, I get to dress up, provided that it's acceptable attire. No worries there. I don't really have a costume readily at my fingertips. They're, the few I have, are all packed away.

So, I am going to probably go as a vampire or an Japanese demon. At least, do the really awesome make up I saw in Onmyoji. I can't find a pic of her so I will have to get a screen shot later to post. I haven't decided on the make up and probably won't until I am actually working on my face tomorrow afternoon. As for what to wear... We're doing laundry as I work on this post and I will pick something out from the clean clothes... That reminds me, I wonder if I can wear one of those dresses we've got hanging up in the wardrobe I can't quite get in to...

As I aforementioned, I'm suffering from a medicine-foggy brain tonight. While my back is getting gradually better, I still have a lot of pain, and I am incredibly stiff. So I've been stretching as much as I can and tonight I was forced to take a muscle relaxer and my dumb-ass took a whole one instead of breaking it in half. I think I might have cat-napped off and on while playing sims on facebook. I gave up on it and apparently thought I was done with the computer and put it on hibernate, only I'm not finished with the computer, I still have some homework to do and I wanted to listen to some music while doing it.

Of course with it being Halloween, that means tomorrow is a very important day. It's the beginning of National Novel Writer's Month and I decided that I am going to participate again this year. I don't actually know if I will reach my 50,000 words due to school/homework, moving, and spending time with family and friends before I go, but I have a set of short story ideas I want to work on and a novel I want to work on. The short stories will be put together to make a small collection book and they are very naughty! ^.^

Well, I've got homework to do and clothes to fold, so I'm off! Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!


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