Friday, October 21, 2011

Dispicable and senseless animal massacre

(photo from abc news)

I don't know how closely anyone pays attention to the news or has access to, but recently a man, who owned a wild animal preserve in Zanesville, Ohio, let his animals lose and then ended his own life.

I don't really care as to what led the man to let the animals free or why he killed himself. What bothers me is the measures authorities took to manage the situation. Supposedly they tried to tranquilize the animals and when that supposedly didn't work, they shot them to death. They shot 49 innocent animals who had done nothing wrong but had the audacity to have been set free, scared, and run.

Yes, I understand that these were wild animals. Yes, I understand that they could have hurt people. Yes, 49 animals are a lot to deal with, especially when the are lions, tigers, bears, ect... But I don't care. I do not think that the authorities handled the situation in the interest of the animals, I don't believe they even tried. I think they brutally murdered them. Not only did they murder them but they drug them behind a backhoe with chains to a mass grave. Talk about adding insult to injury. You'd think they would have the decency to at least treat them better in death than in life. Worse than that, some of those animals were the rare Bengal Tigers. WTF! Aren't those still on the endangered species list? Aren't we supposed to protect them? 

I've always said animals are far better than people. My best friend in the world is my cat, Yoda-chan. I would never allow someone to treat him as those animals were treated.  

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