Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Making horns with my hair! And other hair topics.

That's right, I've been twisting my hair up and making little horn buns on the top of my head, sadly, because I don't have a hair band, they aren't staying and now I've managed to give myself some tangles. And I thought since I've had some pretty heavy blogs, it was time to do a fun one, especially since I'm in a much better mood today.

I have what most people deem long hair. I think it's short but that is because I am use to having my hair so long I can sit on it much like my friend Katwarrior. But after awhile and lack of funds or people I trust with my hair, it gets split ends and doesn't look as nice. So I've kept it between shoulder length and as long as the middle of my back. I've also dyed it just about every color except orange and yellow. I don't like those colors, for some reason they make me jittery. Don't ask why, they just do.

Recently I've wanted to go back to dying my hair black because everyone thinks it looks better than my natural medium brown or even red (as I had it in high school). But since I am currently unemployed and going to be for the next couple of months due to college and moving out of state, I've really wanted to dye it black with blue streaks. Sadly, I won't be adding the blue. I don't have the money for it but if I did, I would use Special Effects Hair Dye. I've used Manic Panic before but Special Effects is the better of the two. You can get it from several places online but I get it from .

Now if you have dark hair and need to bleach your hair or if your hair is really dry, I suggest using a hydrating conditioner. Herbal Essence's Hello Hydration is good and more within a budget. Because people, it does matter what shampoo and conditioner you use. I really can't stress that enough. So it is best to try those out that are within your budget and find what works best for your hair. I'm not going to tell you to go out and buy salon products or anything expensive, just find something within your price range that works. Also if you have dandruff, use a dandruff shampoo until the problem is under control and switch back to your regular shampoo. I do this on occasion because for some reason I have a dry scalp but oily hair and I'm not afraid to tell anyone that.

On to hair styling. For myself, I don't typically use any products in my hair. I don't like the flakiness gel gets after awhile or the straw feel of hair spray. I'm not even sure I like moose or hair glue. But I do have those fly away hairs and I have a patch of baby bangs that never grew out. I hide those with bangs. However, there are times when I want to curl my hair for a special occasion. My hair is almost a nightmare to curl. I'm not talking about the layers, no. My hair doesn't like to hold curl and often times if I curl one side, it's fallen by the time I've gotten the other side finished. So in cases where I want my hair to curl, I have to use product. Moose doesn't do the trick so I have to use hair spray. So, I find that spraying my hair a little when it's strait, just before I put the curling iron on it helps and then of course I have to spray it again after I set the curling iron aside.  I'm sure there are other ways to do it, but this is what works for me.

Make up! Oh boy do I love make up! I even love watching make up tutorials on youtube done my professional make up artists to amateurs. But what I hate more than anything is seeing someone talk about using these high priced make up brushes and products. I simply do not have the budget to go out and buy a load of make up brushes let alone a lot of the make up they advertise. So I usually end up using my fingers, those cheap little make up applicators you can get from wal-mart for eyeshadow, and believe it or not, paint brushes from craft stores that I've collected over the years. But I don't use the brushes all the time and only when doing costume make up at Halloween for friends.

The point is, you don't have to go out and buy expensive stuff to get the looks you want. I get a lot of my make up from The Icing or Clare's, but most often I buy it from Wal-mart or Walgreen's. There is an online store I've been ogling that has some really nice deals on eyeshadow palates, . I have also bought eyeshadow and lip gloss from Good but unfortunately they don't have near the selection they use to.

Also, if you are going to buy make up and make it last, make sure to keep it clean. This was one of the main principals I learned in a theatre make up panel at a Thespian convention I went to in High school. The same applies for everyday make up. Don't leave it open for dust and dirt in the air to get into it. You'll also want to replace it once it starts separating and certainly after no more than 3 years. I think you're supposed to replace it sooner than that, but if you take really good care of it, you can make it last longer. If you have brushes or applicators make sure to clean those as well. You don't want any nasty bacteria building up in them and certainly don't want it on your face much less the dust and dirt everything seems to collect.

Lastly, perfume. Ladies and gentlemen in your perfume or cologne. A lot of people have allergies or sensitive noses. My Dad and I can't walk through a department store near the perfume section without getting a headache and my Grandpa is allergic to a lot of perfumes. Vanilla is a big pet peeve of mine, a lot of people love it, I use to until a friend we use to carpool with started spraying herself all over with it. Mornings and afternoons were spent with the windows down when she was in the car. So down play the scents. You can still smell good without the over kill. Oil perfumes you especially have to be careful with. I love patchouli oil but I don't use much if it when I have it. It's fast to overwhelm. I also use a variety of body splashes from Bath and Body works (when they have a deal going on in the store). One sprit in front and one in back and I'm ready to go and no one's nose gets offended.

Well, that's all for today.  

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