Saturday, April 20, 2013

In the words of Gru, "Not cool"

I just popped onto Guild Wars to see who was on, check to see if our alliance still held House Zu Heltzer, and to see where the territory lines are between the Kurzicks and the Luxons (which changes depending on how alliance battles go). The Luxon bastards are winning! RAWR!

This doesn't make me happy. This means that I will be spending my evening faction farming to keep my guild's faction points up over 1 million and in the Alliance Battles fighting to get our territory back instead of helping other guild members with quests and mission like I had planed. Or even doing some missions, quest, and elite skill hunting.


  1. Now that I've read some of the Cantha history from the books, this Guild Wars talk makes more sense now.

    The Kurzicks remind me of the Germans [even the name and the houses] and the Luxons remind of Dutch pirates. :-D

    I think my character is a child born of Luxon exiles but he still has sailing and the sea in his blood.
    Because he's an assassin, he honors Grenth. xD "Grenth bless your blades"

    [He secretly has a crush on the assassin Henchman, who's name escapes me at the moment. xD There was a mission where he had to go to this person to perform a mission and get skills. ]

    It's fun to make up little character stories. :)

  2. I've made up stories for my characters too! It is fun.