Thursday, April 18, 2013


Holy crap! The last eight days have been almost a blur. We've hardly been home and now that I am home with no pressing places to be, I just want to take a nap with my kitties. I suspect the moment I finish doing a few things on the computer and actually lay down for a spell, all three of them will be up and awake. But that's just how things work.

We finally got a little money and Skoora got her new laptop. And because my screen was going out and is held together by gaffers tape, she got me a new laptop as well. We also took care of things like getting medicine, replacing the transmission hose in the jeep, and getting a few clothes as well as paying off some bills. We also got a few books most of which are for Skoora's classes. We even went and checked on an apartment for a friend. I really liked getting out of the house more and going places, I felt almost normal, but in return I found myself in a lot of pain. So much I wanted to throw up on numerous occasions. I tried to distract myself with lots of things, but, that doesn't really help.

But I am feeling a little better today. Which is good because I finally have the house completely to myself, no one is here to interrupt or bother me. Well, except the cats but like I said, they are having communal nap time.

Sometime later I will blog about the stupidity of Windows 8 and Microsoft 365, but I have stuff I need to do prior. Plus, I am working on ways around all of that nonsense. That and I can't remember what else I was planning to blog about on this blog today. Maybe I do need to take a nap. Damn it!

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