Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vulture kitties

Please excuse the laundry
I love my cats, I really do. They are my babies and I spoil them occasionally with catnip, a toy once in awhile if I can afford it. We bought them a water dish that circulates the water to help keep them healthy and we buy them a good brand of cat food. We pet them, brush them, and play with them too and they are pretty good kitties... Most of the time.

There are two of them there.
I let Yoda, the kitty in the picture above, sleep on my pillow (until he gets pushy and tries to kick me off it). I let him sleep next to me in the bed. He likes to take up as much room as a whole person. Sometimes, if I'm not hurting so bad, I let him sleep on my hip.

Galen, the bigger cat to the left, doesn't really like to sleep on anyone. He's kind of an ass, but he does like to be petted occasionally. He also likes to nurse on your clothes and we don't let him do that, it's weird, and uncomfortable. Galen freaks if you are in the bathroom and he can't get in. If I leave it open for him, that's his favorite time to be petted.

Last we have Ellie, the black and gray mass also to the left and behind Galen. She is a spazzy Persian and I think she looks more like an Ewok than a cat.  She likes to bother you in the bathroom as well but she likes to drag her claws down your leg if you don't pet her while doing your business.

At the moment all three kitties are having their daily communal nap time. It usually starts about noon and ends between 2 and 3pm. Sometimes they are out in the living room but most of the time they are in on my bed like they are now. I have a feeling that they are on the bed with me today because I will pet them off and on.

So what makes them vultures? FOOD! They have awoken me in the morning with yowls and herded me into the bathroom when they have an empty dish even though their idea of empty isn't actually empty. They stand at the kitchen entrance to beg for little morsels. Yoda likes cheese and various fruit items and for some reason anything potatoes. Galen is always after the meat items. He even stole a piece of chicken out my fridge when I wasn't looking. Don't worry it was cooked. Galen has also stolen whole slices of pizza right out of my hand! He's destroyed whole loaves of bread because he ripped the bag open and ate what he wanted and then left it to dry out, with a bit of his drool for flavor. For some reason he loves bread.

Ellie likes strange things but mostly she just wants to be underfoot and smell EVERYTHING! Last night she was begging me for my treat of a Twizzlers. Oddly enough, she tried to eat it. She also sits and stares at people until they gave her kitty treats and if she thinks she's sat long enough, she claws your leg to inform you thusly.

Yoda has been the pushiest lately and very bossy. He yowls for me to come into the bedroom if that's where he is and I'm not. He yowls for me to be in the living room if he's there and I'm not. He follows me around the house and waits for me in doorways, staring at me like I should know exactly what he wants. He's been bossy about getting petted and sitting on me. His favorite place lately has been my boobs. You know, so I have to hold him with one arm so he doesn't fall and I can't really see my computer, the TV, a book I am trying to read and so forth. He likes to be held and carried, especially if I am cooking in the kitchen.

But the worst (not that any of the above is that bad or something I would punish him over) of this bossy, pushy behavior, has been his sense of entitlement to my dishes of food. I was eating Yogurt and he pawed at the spoon ad tried to climb me to get at it. I had some Cheetos for a small snack and he just dove right on in and no matter where I put the bowl, he followed it. My taco salad dinner was of interest to him last night. Oh man, anything with cheese and he's all over me. If you have cereal you are definitely a person of interest to all three cats because they want the milk. And they know when you have food, its like they have radar, and then they swoop in and watch for dropped crumbs and morsels, then sneak up when you aren't paying attention to snag what they can.


  1. They are monsters and I adore them. Yoda and I have been close for a long time but we really really bonded during your trip to Kansas. He's all curled up with me on the couch right now. <3